apple picking

we took advantage of this nice saturday and went apple picking at honeypot hill orchard in stowe, ma.  abe and yuri are convinced that this is the only place worth going to if you want to pick apples.  we went on a little hayride and picked some apples.  i swear that these trees were really tiny though, i think we were in the dwarf tree area without realizing it.  and the trees were really picked over so if you are planning to go apple picking this year, the time is now!  the best part of it was that when you go to the farm store afterwards they have apple cidar donuts that abe and yuri claim are the best ones ever.  i’m not sure they are the best ones ever, but they’re really freakin good.  there is also a petting zoo (sort of…like 3 goats and some bunnies), a pumpkin patch, and a hedge maze.  we didn’t actually do the hedge maze or the petting zoo, but you know, it’s there if you have kids or are interested in getting lost in tall shrubbery.  i’ll be making an apple pie soon, more to come on that!

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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