Save the Dates, continued.

a lot of people bring their save the dates to staples to be cut down to save time.  i think i should have done that.  it took me close to 3 hours to trim all 75 of them down.

these sons of bitches have taken a lot of man power and a lot of time.  
$28 on luxe white paper
$31 on matching envelopes
$31 on envelope liner paper
$3.50 on glue pens
$12 on paper cutter
$35 on stamps
i had estimated that i would spend $80-90 but i didn’t expect to have the liners in there.  so this is a lot better than having them custom printed.  papyrus wanted us to spend $450 on something that was more plain, more boring, no liners, and way less personal and cool.  i’ve probably put 20 hours of my own time on these, which is a pretty big dent into my time, but if i was going to say i made them i wanted them to be perfect.  

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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