Do i know you?

my brother called me today
brother: is today mom’s birthday?
me: no it was yesterday you idiot.
brother: Why didn’t you remind me!!
me: why can’t you just remember?
brother: i’m too busy!
me: i’m not reminding you of these things anymore, everyone is busy. (thinking that there’s no excuse).

i can only remember so many things. i feel like i’ve pushed out a great deal of my own things in order to remember other things for people. this is not fair, so i’m taking a stand and i’ve decided that i’m going to stop remembering certain things for other people. my brother is old enough to remember birthdays on his own. abe is old enough to remember his friend’s birthdays since he chooses to have so many. they are on their own in that department. when someone asks me where something is, instead of looking it up for them and getting the precise diretions, i will say: google map it, because they need to learn to remember on their own (you know who you are!!).

my long term memory is suffering because i am jam packing too much stuff into my short term memory, so this is where the train stops. i think i even have enough memory loss to qualify to participate in some kind of study, that’s how bad it is. i can’t remember any birthday party until the age of 12 but i’m aware that i had one each year. that doesn’t seem right. i can only remember 1 gymnastics recital, and i was in atleast 5 of them. i can’t remember my first day of college, and that wasn’t too long ago. i literally just don’t remember any part of that day at all. this is slightly concerning. i wonder if things will start coming back to me if i have less stress in my brain….

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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