Bar Harbor, 08

Day 1 in Bar Harbor
Thank god for Yuri’s new car!! our ride was much more comfortable this year thanks to yuri turning his death trap of a jeep for a shiny new bmw x5. having a head rest in the backseat changed that 5 hours a great deal. once we got to the harborside hotel we went straight to Getty’s for lunch, it’s probably our favorite part of the trip. abe got a beer and they put it in a funny little bag for him, the picture isn’t so great though. we strolled around most of the day and through an art fair filled with lots of handmade stuff that nobody really needed. we took a suggestion from one of abe’s sisters and went to Havana for dinner. it was really cute, and i liked the atmosphere, but abe and yuri got really really drunk somehow and we turned into “those people”. we were really loud throughout dinner, but they should have known better than to put us in the really quiet room. for an appetizer i got the wild mushroom spring rolls, they were totally to die for. amazing!! for my entree, i got the special which was scallops cooked in a goat cheese and tomato sauce with a little shredded squash salad. it was ok…but more on that later. abe got baked stuffed lobster, and he would have enjoyed it if his taste buds were working. he was all stuffed up and couldn’t really taste much. we left and stopped into an ice cream parlor for dessert, and i was so excited to find they had Rainbow Sherbert!! this is my favorite frozen dessert ever and they even had rainbow sprinkles. abe thought he was being really inventive with his dessert. he was like: this sounds crazy, but can i get 2 of these chocolate chip cookies and a scoop of that ice cream between them? they were like: so like our ice cream sandwich? and there was a huge poster right on the wall. whatever, we ate every bite. we got home and jumped in our balcony hot tub before hitting the hay. then i had a terrible reaction to goat cheese. never ever let me near goat cheese again, i’ve never felt so awful.

Bar Harbor, Day 2
We woke up and went to This Way Cafe for breakfast under recommendation to someone at my work. it was AWESOME!!! i can’t even tell you how great everything was. i got blueberry pancakes, homefries, and turkey bacon, and a bloody mary. i could have died and gone to heaven right there. i loved it. those were the best blueberry pancakes i’ve ever had in my life. our waitress said they call them crackberry pancakes because they’re so addicting. in fact. i loved it so much we went back on Day 3 before leaving bar harbor. after our power breakfast, i think we were all put into food comas. i had to take a long nap before our bike ride through Acadia. at breakfast a guy said that the winds were going to get up to 30 knots today. so we decided not to kayak and that was probably a really good piece of overheard information. people probably don’t remember our 6 hour bike riding disaster of last year when we got lost and then were forced to take the most obscene way back possible on a cliff highway in the scorching sun, so this year comparatively was much more tame. probably 10ish miles of hills but mostly not the kind of hills that make you swear out loud. for dinner we wanted to try something new so we went to McKays for some lobsters. i really liked the food here. i got their special garden salad, and then a boiled lobster which was served over jasmine rice and carrots. it was a good lobster, but he was only 1.5 pounds and seriously i was still hungry after. we were seated among the most annoying people on the planet. i wish i couldn’t hear them, and even more so i wish i couldn’t see them. they were hideous. the main voice was either a muppet or a transvestite, and everyone else could have won ugly contests. so we couldn’t stay there for dessert, it was just not happening, but our lovely waitress recommended that we try Rupanunis down the street. we went there and got blueberry pie and drinks, it was really cute!

on Day 3 we went back to This Way Cafe for a moderately heavy breakfast, bought mugs, and then got into the car for the ride home. we stopped in portland to have lunch at Flatbread Pizza and then continued on. it was a long day of just driving really. next year i might want to take an additional day off to recover!

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