I am a serious brand loyalist. but just when i thought that i would never buy a running sneaker besides Asics ever again, i did it, i went out and bought…..Nike (Nike Air Zoom Vomero+ 3). i knoooow, the shame!! everyone remembers how much i first loved and then quickly hated the nike shox that came out 5 years ago, but the thing is, well it was 5 years ago. and i’d like to think that i’m a better person now so maybe nike makes a better sneaker (i’m also growing sensitive). i really wanted to try the whole nike/ipod hookup thingy too. i was reading the book and honestly it sounds really advanced to the point where i might get confused. i currently have a pedometer attached to my sneaker that we were testing for Actihealth and i liked it a lot, but it could only do so much, this ipod/sneaker thing is crazy. hopefully this will motivate me more to get to the gym more times a week. if i even go one more day than usual, i will say that this was worth every penny. i’ll review the sneakers later after some testing.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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