Larry McLarry

my dad turned 60 this weekend.  happy birthday to the man that tolerated me living in his house for 18 years and two summers.  i think his life might be a lot different now that he doesn’t have to wait for me to come home on a saturday night or worry about me draining his bank account.  actually that’s not really true, i could still drain his bank account without living there, it’s called getting married.  my dad was my basketball coach, my softball coach, he was at every important swim meet ever, and he took me out for ice cream (sherbert) more weekends than not, he even let me get a totally psycho dog and let me name her buffy of all things.  i’m not a daddy’s girl though, he likes to say No immediately and then sometimes, sometimes i can get him to change his mind.  

“dad can i have $5?”
“why not?”
“why do you need it?”
(this is actually a really good question)
“i’m going to go to the driving range.”
“Ok. No.”
this time i was unsuccessful.  
“dad can i borrow your car”
“why not?”
“I just don’t want you to.  can you make me a peanut butter and jelly?”
so for anyone who thought i was a daddy’s little girl and all i had to do was make a certain face or do a special tap dance, you’d be wrong.  my dad is very traditional and he likes to say no to me so that i can make my own way.  
my dad’s favorite meal is steak and cheese, but he calls them cheesesteaks for some reason.  i couldn’t even count the amount of cheesesteaks he’s had in his lifetime.  but i do know he passed down the obsession to my brother.  it skipped me, that’s dude food.  he used to go to burger king and get a value meal with a chocolate shake.  that’s kind of strange right?  a grown man drinking a chocolate shake?  sometimes he has a sweet tooth.  another really great thing about my dad is that he got braces at the age of 55.  his teeth look much better now, and he got them whitened at the dentist.  at that age i’d figure who cares…. but he did.  perhaps the funniest thing about my dad is that sometimes he mows the the lawn on his ultra high tech sit down lawn mower with headlights while drinking a coors light.  i don’t see too many dads doing that in our suburb.  
happy birthday larry.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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