on a whim i bought greek yogurt at the grocery store on saturday. i got Fage Total 0% and i think i’m hooked. i’m kind of mad that i only got two to try.

“FAGE Total 0% Made from skimmed cow’s milk and yogurt culture. Perfect for your diet with 0% fat and 100% taste. FAGE Total 0% offers a low carbohydrate yogurt that is high in protein. Simply Tasty!”
normally, i buy yogurt that’s lowfat on sale. so whatever is there is fine with me, i feel like it mostly all tastes the same somewhere around 75 cents per container. this one is about $2.20 per yogurt, which is more expensive but i feel oddly more satisfied. i guess it’s not that odd since there’s double the amount of protein, but it’s about the same amount of yogurt. it tastes kind of like lowfat sour cream.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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One Response to Fage

  1. Jenious says:

    it’s my fav! try the ones that come with pureed fruit or honey on the side for mixing…so delish šŸ™‚

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