it’s a toga bitch

i had a seriously busy weekend.  friday night i made it to baptiste for a hot yoga class that kicked my ass.  i haven’t done real yoga in a long time…2 days later and i still hurt.  i took a vinyasa yoga class at my gym recently but it was definitely the very relaxing flowing yoga style that i never feel burns enough calories.  baptiste is the exact opposite of that, it is such a good workout.  

saturday was spent wedding gown shopping bouncing around stores and then once i bought one me and my mom went to crate and barrel so i could pick up the kitchen island abe and i have had our eyes on for awhile.  my dad came into town so i could bring it back to my place.  i have no idea how we’re going to assemble this baby.  it says ‘ready to assemble’, but it came in Three Boxes!!  i was like seriously what the Fing F.  hopefully abe is up to the challenge since i’m not.  getting it home was enough work for me.  once i finally got the boxes in my place, i took my parents to olivio’s in arlington for dinner.  this is a great little gem.  it’s never so busy that you need to wait and the food is authentic italian and light at the same time.  after dinner i had to jet off to pete’s big 30th bday toga party.  my toga was awesome!  this is actually the first time i’ve never worn a toga, and it could possibly be the last.
sunday, becca and ventured to the south end to try out Union for brunch and check out the sowa open market.  union was great, it was nicely priced and the food was nicely proportioned.  their bloody mary was exceptionally spicey, but i had to try it out.  i would definitely go back to this place, there were so many other things i wanted to try on the menu.  man i love the south end.  
after the little exploration, i went to chelmsford to visit my parents to see their new kitchen and have some dinner on the grill.  that was really nice, i never can get enough grilled and marinated foods on the grill in the summer time.
i’m freaking exhausted now.  that was a jam packed weekend!

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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