wedding white

i bought my dress!! (note: this picture isn’t my dress, it’s carrie bradshaw)  i looked at vera wang – and almost bought one, i looked at cristina’s in andover – and almost bought one.  and then i looked at priscilla’s of boston and i actually bought The one.  i brought becca along with my mom to the last two yesterday and having her opinion really helped.  my mom and i have very different taste, but becca knows my taste and knows what i like and wasn’t trying to pretend that something i wasn’t into was an option.  it’s such a big decision and i was pretty stressed over it since i felt like i kept finding something that wasn’t quite what i wanted, but that was just me being impatient.  and now i need to move forward never ever looking at another dress.  i need to remind myself that i bought this one based on loving it and knowing that i’ll love it a year from now.  i’m not going to torture myself by looking at more, i believe that’s how brides end up with buyer’s remorse and have 2 dresses in the end.  now i can’t wait to buy shoes….

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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