Going Green

the celtics beat the lakers, and then i got to see grown men sob loud sobs and cry so hard they couldn’t even speak.  i honestly watched about 10 minutes of the game, i just kept it on in the background, but it almost was just too painful to watch.  we were winning from the getgo and then we just kept winning by more.  you started too see the lakers run away with their tail between their legs in defeat, it was really sad.  

i can’t even imagine what it was like at the game.  the crowd was insanely loud, i don’t know how the players could even hear each other.  i’m happy for them, it wasn’t easy and it wasn’t easy on me either.  i’m tired from staying up so late watching them over this series so i’m glad it’s finally over and it ended favorably.  
the commissioner of the NBA was booed like everytime he spoke.  he’d get the mike to say something and the entire arena would boo him.  why is this?  because he’s a jerk?  because his teeth are really offensive?  
ray allen has a really cute baby boy.  who would have thought that someone who isn’t exactly stunning was able to make a cute baby.  good job.  you won a championship and brought a good looking person into the world, maybe we need more people like you playing for us.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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