I’m a survivor who shops

well friends i survived the night. i will not sacrafice one of my Paid Time Off days to sit at home and hydrate, i can do that at work just as well. we don’t have “sick days”, sick personal and vacation are all bundled into PTO days. so here i am, with a gatorade and circles under my eyes. oh well, atleast it’s almost friday and someone reminded me that we will probably get out at 2 tomorrow since it’s a long weekend : )

some new interesting things i’ve seen while online window shopping:
the boyfriend cardigans at american apparel ($44):

and the abercrombie and fitch tube tops. normally i hate tube tops, i think they’re like totally not cool if your chest is as flat as mine, they work best if you’re like the perfect boob size and aren’t too forgiving if you’re too big or too small:

super cute right? am i past this, am i too old to wear AF? i think i ask that everytime i see something cute there. but want to know a secret? my tank top is from AF that i’m wearing to work right this moment with a little cardigan : )

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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