Rude comes with a copay

just because you’re a doctor, does that mean you have the right to correct people – especially patients and make them feel stupid? No. i had an appointment today at an un-named hospital and i could Not believe how rude my doctor was. he corrected me atleast 4 or 5 times during our meeting. and i guess he was kind of right, but i’ve never been corrected so many times in one hour by a total stranger.

him: where do you live?
me: a new condo complex in cambridge new flooring and central air.
him: ok, i’m going to stop you. a condo isn’t a word that defines the building. so is it an apartment or a house?
me: (oh my god how rude).

yes i understand condo was not the right word, but he simply could have asked me what kind of building, which he did not.

him: what kind of medications are you taking?
me: a generic claratin, loratadine from costco.
him: Generic is actually not the right word to use there. loratadine is claratin.
me: (Shut your freaking face)

him: what are you allergic to?
me: trees, ragweed, grass….
him: You’re not actually allergic to trees or grass. you’re allergic to their pollen. – goes on to talk about the lengthy process of tree reproduction.
me: (that was all real obvious, i’m not 8)
so in the end i decided he was a fully competant doctor and i should continue to see him because just the process of finding someone else and waiting for an appointment to open is too much of a headache for me. but really, he’s a total Douche.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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