Fashionista in the building

i had a great night last night. Gaslight was really cute, but it’s definately on the smaller side so groups of 2-3 are best and it’s a little higher class than i had imagined. i mean of course we fit right in, but you know what i mean i’m sure….this is not just any after work joint. it’s totally for hip people, people with money, or hip people on hot dates.

the fashion show wasn’t really a show so much as a display. there were just models walking around in the fall collection dresses and there was a wine, beer, and vodka open bar which was nice. maybe i should have tipped the bartenders….because now i’m realizing that i didn’t. the dresses were really nice, but i don’t think they were made for my body type though, which is probably good because they are Not cheap. i couldn’t believe how many people showed up though considering nothing was actually for sale and there wasn’t actually a catwalk for the models. natasha is on Newbrahmin!! two fashion bloggers came over and took her picture because they could not get over her awesome outfit. She’s actually listed as a “Party goer”!!

Rocca was awesome. i totally recommend this place to everyone, it’s in the south end on Harrison Ave. i had the baked veal and rigatoni, but i really should have tried an appetizer or something too. the place was open and modern with plenty of seating so you’re not all on top of everyone else’s dates. great service, excellent food, i’d give this place a high mark if i were the phantom. i’d totally go back.

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