Bday weekend

this weekend was so busy. veronica’s bday, kerri’s bday and jess’ bday.  i didn’t actually make it to veronica’s though, the plans were just too last minute for me to squeeze in.  so i had dinner and drinks with my girlfriends at the living room and then moved on to goody glover’s in the north end for jess’ party.  it was surprising how smoothly things went and i got home at 1 still full from dinner and ready for bed.  what we should have done this weekend was more packing…  currently 5 medium sized boxes are done, but i really want to get like 15 done by wednesday.  abe is leaving for south america today till thursday.  so it looks like i’m the captain of this packing boat and it needs to get done someway somehow.  i’m sure i’ll be able to do it, and then i need to re-measure for our washer and dryer, and make key copies, and eat all our perishables out of the fridge and freezer.  this was going to be a vegan week for me, but it looks like it’s going to be just a crazy meal week for me.  like frozen peas and carrots on top of chicken nuggets on top of a bed of frozen spinach or something.  i can actually see myself really enjoying that though.  i have so many tasks!  

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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