Personalized vitamin packs

Mindy Kaling, who i do not personally know, but feel a personal connection with did a little writeup on Vuru today. it’s a place where you can put together daily vitamin packs. so to personalize it, i name the pack, and then i drop in whatever vitamins i want to take on a daily basis and then i just tell them to send me however many days i want. it’s supposed to make your life easier by being able to just grab a little packet on your run out the door in the morning instead of grabbing several bottles – if you take that many pills. i like this idea because i only take a daily multivitamin and i hate it, it gives me a burning stomach ache for 10 minutes on most days if i don’t have enough liquid swirling around in my tummy. but on vuru they even have an easy on the stomach multi. interesting. so if i wanted i could take that one, a hair skin and nails supplement, and a flaxseed oil pill, and have it all in one little pouch. they even tell you how much each pill costs and how much your pouch is costing you per day, and i did out the math and thought it was totally reasonable and to do it yourself like to buy all the vitamins and just put them into plastic baggies would not be all that much cheaper. i think that this would be a really good idea for someone like abe. he never remembers little things like this in the morning, so if he just had a few packs at work at his desk he’d remember to take all his daily supplements in one. i dont think he believes in supplements though, he thinks you pee most things out. i know you could argue about vitamins all day long, but in the end, there’s no way that a person gets everything they need from what they eat in a day. i’ve seen what i eat in a day and i’ve seen what he eats in a day and even though i’m very healthy, i’m lacking a lot of nutrients and so is he. i’m going to think about this vuru product and what it can do for me.

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  1. Jenious says:

    Hey lady, try the New Chapter Organics multi-vitamin for women. It’s herbal, dissolves quickly and doesn’t give u a stomach ache. They also have a pre-natal vitamin that Gwenyth P swears by for her fabulous hair, and I was taking it then switched to the regular since I think the pre-natal may have been a bit much for my infant-free self.

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