update on life

i’m really stressed. we find out today or tomorrow if we got the apartment we put applications in for on friday. it’s really expensive, so on one hand if we don’t get it, we can find somewhere else cheaper and crappier but have more money. and on the other hand, if we get it, we’ll be living in luxury for the next year or two and learn to be more frugal. it might be a good life lesson on budgeting.

i’ve decided that i want to go on a car trip to canada. i’ve never been to canada before, so what better time than springtime? i know nothing about canada…. i bet it’s really cold.

i’m really tired. i don’t like staying up till 3 on the weekends anymore, we’ve done it about 3 weeks in a row and i just can’t take it anymore. you can say i’m old and that’s fine, i really don’t care. i just hate the feeling of being overly tired on a monday. No-More!! it has made me more sluggish, more hungry for bad foods, less motivated to work out, and i hate it.

i’m really craving thai food: drunken noodles. sugar and spice on mass ave got much better than it used to be a year ago. abe thinks that the tom yum is even more authentic. i think it’s only somewhat authentic, but far better tasting than anywhere else we’ve been.
i really want to see Horton Hears a Who. megan suggests that i become a mentor so that i can see all these kids movies that all look so great to me and nobody actually wants to see with me. that idea would be perfect except….the whole kids thing. i dont know what my problem is. kids are great, but not All kids are great. i’d rather wait for them to come on netflix!!
i’m still on the hunt for a pretty yellow dress that won’t put me in the poorhouse. i’d like it to be under $75 and nice enough to wear to work and cool enough to wear whenever. i might need two. one demure one for work and one mini for weekends…

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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