Turkey Point Adventure

the other night, i went to shaws at 9:30pm to pick up things to make the girls dinner. i was there till like 10 and i have no idea how late this place stays open so i’m hurrying along and things are closing like the deli and bakery. so i go to check out and the stupid girl at the check out counter is gabbing away about other employees and then the bagger girl joins in and they just gripe about work for the entire time i’m standing there. i’m exhausted and annoyed, so i get my receipt and put it in my jacket pocket. i go home, and prep all the delicious foods. the next morning, i’m sitting at work and pull out the receipt to see how many turkey points i earned. — those not familiar with the turkey points at shaws, you automatically get points towards a free easter turkey or ham with points you get just for shopping there. we shop at shaws and i spend a lot everytime, so we were totally banking on getting a free turkey to try in our new roasting set. so anyways, i realize the idiot girl never gave me my turkey points. i was having a total PMS/chemically inbalanced moment, so i go to the shaws website to complain. i write them an email basically just saying i just wanted my points. so they write back wanting the store name and number, so i give it to them. this morning, the manager from the shaws called me! i wanted to die. i was like so embarrassed that i was making such a big deal. but anyways, in the end, she’s now mailing me my turkey points AND a giftcard. looks like i won out in the end.

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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