Dogs Rule

Abe and i decided last night that it would be good to watch the Westminster Dog Show. Actually it was more like we started to watch it and then got sucked into it unable and unwanting to change the channel. of course we had to see which dog won it all! and it was the beagle named Uno. what a cutie. the funniest part to me was when the judge was asking the dogs to switch places in line and she goes “move that bitch up there”. you can say bitch in dog shows?? anyways, and in this picture i think that Uno is on a little doggie treadmill working out. it’s so adorable. and then there were these awful Pedigree commericals that came on about adopting dogs and how lonely they were when their owners moved and they got left behind, etc. i just wanted to die. so if you like dogs and you get suckered into ads like that, go to and read about adopting a dog or making a donation. i would donate, but i already donated to my elephant this year.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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