brian austin green

i’m not sure if i should admit this. but abe has gotten me into the new show: Sara Connor Chronicles. i’ve only actually seen a couple episodes, but it’s pretty good. i don’t have a tight history with The Terminator, but i did see the one with Linda Hamilton and the little boy and the Governator. but anyways, the best part is that last night it was on and guess who is now on the show?? Brian Austin Green. David Silva is now a beefed up badass with no earring and no frosted locks. he actually looks straight as opposed to his wimpy 90210 persona. congratulations Brian Austin Green, you’re no longer borderline. i wish i could find a good screen shot to do a before and after. like before rap career and after rap career. before blonde highlights and post blonde highlights.

holy crap i just saw a rumor that he and megan fox are dating…what?? that’s the craziest thing i’ve heard all week.

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