Vday gift ideas

I’m not a huge valentine’s day person, mainly because it’s just one day out of the year, so i think it’s a little bit silly. i don’t enjoy the idea of getting flowers and edibles to celebrate being in a relationship or i don’t think you should break the bank to get a gift that’s over the top and ridiculous on a hallmark holiday. however, if you need help finding a gift that makes you wallet smile, maybe i can help:

First up is the red velvet cupcake mix by sprinkles from williams sonoma. i like this because you can easily send it to people without worrying about it going bad or dying. it’s only $14 and it makes a dozen fancy cupcakes from the famous Sprinkles in Hollywood. enjoy.

Next is the Candy Hearts lipgloss set by Philosophy. they make a great product, and this lipgloss comes in a three pack: melon daquari, vanilla, and rasberry. i think these are pricey for lipgloss though. $25 found at sephora of course. only buy this for people you like.

a’s pearl drop earrings. a bargain at $75 at Saks. classic, classy, i love pearls. pearls are a diamond’s best friend i think.

A pair of Waterford Double Old Fashioned crystal glasses designed by Mr. Marc Jacobs himself. $130 for two.

And who wouldn’t drool over a well made hardcover fashion book with lots of pictures? Chanel, Dior, Dolce & Gabanna, The Kennedy’s. there’s one for every occassion for every girl and fashion loving gay out there. $50 and under.

if those ideas don’t satisfy, i also like the ideas of giving: personal or personalized stationary (only if you can see the person actually using it) Demsey and Carroll makes really cute stuff. plants that grow and bloom and stay alive for atleast one month are nice gifts. robes and slippers often are good. my favorite gifts are personally written cards. if nothing else, if you’re broke with 2 cents in your pocket, you should just write your valentine a special note/card.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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