our mexican cruise

this is a life boat on our Golden Princess. it was a little disturbing and it turns out that we weren’t supposed to take any pictures of the boat from the outside. staff actually came over and made lauren delete her pictures, i got away with it.

the first day on the boat we had to do this thing called a muster drill where you go and learn how to use your life jacket and where to go if something happens. brenda calls it “the mustard drill”.

our first day off the boat we went to puerta vallerta and took a walking tour of the city. apparently this is their famous church, why….i have no idea, looked like a regular chruch to me.

outside the church they had this little display for anti-abortion. i wasn’t really moved, they weren’t really babies, they were plastic babies.

after our walking tour we took a cooking class where we learned how to make guacamole and salsa….like who doesn’t know how to make guac and salsa.

abe loves his gauc.

and of course, after you cook in mexico, you get a balloon hat.

abe and brenda playing shuffle board.

pretty sunset on the boat. we actually saw a few whales this night too.

our next stop off was at mazatlan, we got off the boat and found a beach. the water was cold, but the beach was pretty. i was actually pretty disappointed by this… is it really a beach if you can’t go swimming?

this was my birthday dinner at a steakhouse on the boat, i love steak and actually steak on the boat was pretty good.

our last disembarkment was at cabo san lucas. this place was by far the best of the 3, but we only had a half a day here and i really could have done atleast a full day. abe is standing next to this strange bird, a pelican maybe, and you can’t really tell but the bird goes up to abe’s waist.

we took a water taxi to a private beach. the funniest part is that we never really thought about how we’d need to get off the water taxi. the way to do it is to hold your belongings really tightly, hike up your shorts and jump into the water. i was like: oh shit man. but i took it in stride and made it to land. abe jumped, then fell into the water, luckily he was in a swim suit. but later, we saw lots of guys falling…no girls though.

we had this entire beach to ourselves for over an hour. it was so nice, but again, the water was too cold for me.

and in cabo is this place called Cabo Wabo. some bar that a guy from a band opened-sammy hagar?. this is very near to abe’s heart, but i really don’t know the first thing about it. so abe had to find it and order a tequila shot.

and that concludes the slide show. i am not a cruise person. i don’t like being trapped on the boat without the freedom to leave. also, i don’t like being surrounded by buffet food at every turn. the food is ok, it’s not great, it’s just ok, but you feel obligated to eat it all the time since you paid for it and it’s there. the rooms are a decent size, and i slept like a rock since i was being lulled to sleep by the movement of the boat. i wouldn’t go back to mexico, it’s just not that great. it’s all the same, beautiful beaches – nothing else. and on the beaches you’re just constantly harrassed by people selling shit. i would be willing to try a carribean cruise sometime because there are places there i’ve always wanted to see. the best part about this was that cruises are fun things to do with friends. abe and i alone never would have survived this experience if we didn’t have everyone else there with us. so now we are tan, broke, and needing another vacation. this panda is first class only, and cruising is pretty much sitting coach.

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