more moving hell

What a frustrating day. we spent the entire day waiting and waiting and waiting for furniture deliveries. i woke up, got breakfast, ate, and waited. 4 hours later boston interiors showed up, and the long dresser wouldn’t fit into our place. so we’re like fing f. so we tell them to take it back and we’ll arrange something else. and then i went out and got lunch and came back and ate, and then waited and waited for ikea to come with our couch and tv stand. they came and the couch wouldn’t fit. luckily for us, the delivery guys were willing to hoist it up the back deck for $100. so instead of our couch being a killer deal at $350 it was only a sort of killer deal for $450. whatever, we’re just so happy that we’re done waiting and we finally have somewhere to sit. abe is currently assembling the tv stand, things are looking like they’re going relatively smoothly. we really need to pack for our cruise which we are leaving for at 5:330 tomorrow morning. i’ve been doing laundry nonstop all day long, but now we need to go back to yuri’s to get our suitcase. never ending tasks! i cannot wait to jet off and pretend like there isn’t this giant mess waiting for me back here.

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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