would you like a hand….mixer?

i just got back from a shopping spree. a shopping spree felt round the world. i just got 99% of everything abe and i will need in our new place. i feel like an Fing rock star. the kind of rock star that gets flashed on a daily basis. because not only did i get all this shopping done, i got it all done in the state that knows no sales tax: NH. target, linens n things, and macys have never felt so deprived of merchandise as they do today. i took my mom along for the ride for opinions and moral support, she was also nice enough to manage pushing the cart for me which was a real treat. i hate pushing that stupid thing. things that were annoying though: spending money on shitty things like a vacuum cleaner and ironing board. things you don’t really want or care for, but they’re actually pretty expensive. but then again, it felt really nice to be able to buy things that you actually picked out yourself. instead of inhereting crap, or using things given to me, or buying things because they’re super cheap and i just need them. no no, i bought things for the long term and i sat and looked at 15 different can openers and chose the one i felt would be the best for me.

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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