bottoms optional

my cruise is only 10 painfully long days away, and i’m in full prep mode. i bought a new swim suit and i think it’s totally cute, and it will be arriving tomorrow i think because i actually ordered it a few days ago. don’t worry, it does have bottoms ($29)! and i got a new swim suit cover up at Target for only $14.99, what a fantastic deal. i was going to order abe a swim suit too, actually i did, but it said it wouldn’t get here till feb.15, so i was like: F that. i’m going to swing into a big target on saturday anyways, so i’ll see if the same one is there. i don’t think abe is much of an american eagle kind of dude.

bad news for target fans. issac mizrahi has left the building for good being replaced by jonathan saunders. he’s british and he really really likes dresses with colorblock print, that’s basically all i know about him. i love target.

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