can you even believe it?

i went out two nights in a row this weekend! friday night, was the celtics game and the improv and then Bricco. and saturday night we went to ned devine’s for rachel brezel’s 21st birthday party. actually, it was really tame, but all the girls came out for it and showed her a good time. doesn’t everyone look super happy? this night did not bode well on my stomach, and in fact, i’m still tired. it was well worth it though, i had so much fun.

Also this weekend, abe and i bought a bedroom set. i know, like one major extreme to the next. but i think that’s my life now. i have these moments of awesome domestic decorating happiness, and then later i decide it’s time to go out with the girls for some dancing and beers – next time, no shots. spending my sunday being hungover is really no fun. we also bought really cute kitchen things from the martha stewart collection at macys. i got a cutting board shaped like a mouse!

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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