2007 coming to a close

the year is almost over, and i have to say it was a pretty amazing one. being 25 was awesome, the best year of my life so far. i went to thailand, new york, bar harbor, virginia, disney world, newport, cape cod, and the natick collection. i went snorkling for the first time, and flew first class for the first time.

i got engaged!! abe and i knew we wanted to get married after probably only 6 months of dating, and after several months of talking about it we got engaged in november at the beautiful Four Seasons. we even booked a location for the ceremony and reception: june 20, 2009 in ipswich. see you there. i think i’ve finally found a balance of how much i need to work out in order to indulge in lots of steaks and chinese food takeout (unfortunately it’s a lot), and i’ve found a new favorite restaurant: 10 Tables in JP.

i went bowling twice. and kicked abe’s butt Twice. we had lots of lobsters, even freshly caught ones by mike’s dad. honestly, they all tasted the same to me: Fing great. i discovered lululemon, proactive, and regular manicures.

my only regret was not being able to go to martha’s vineyard. i love it there.

goals for next year: find time to visit friends far away, go to dave and busters, keep an organized closet, keep up more with movies and less with pop culture, work on my bad posture, more time at the beach, and read more.

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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