merry christmas!

merry christmas!! this is my parents christmas tree. adorable right? check out all the wrapped gifts below.

This is my cousin’s daughter beth. the most adorable and super cute little girl ever. she loves books and wants to be a doctor, she also showed me every single webkinz she owns by name. she had like 30.

This is my same cousin’s son. he has the funniest personality ever.

so this was abe’s first christmas with my family and i will say that he did a fantastic job. he was a real trooper. and now, drumroll please…..for christmas from abe i got the ferragamo sunglasses that i wanted from like six months ago, a longchamp bag, and the louis vuitton day planner that i’ve been eyeing as well as the herb garden from we said we’d do small gifts this year, but of course, small to abe is still pretty big to the normal population. and from my parents we got a plethora of gift cards to funish our new apartment with. it was totally awesome: crate and barrel, pottery barn, visa cards, and also 2 handmade quilts by my mom, a wine guide, as well as anti aging lotions for my aging face. fantastic!! and for abe i got him a peacoat lined with thinsulate from jcrew, a book by anthony bordain, a t-shirt from the summer shack, and a travel sized photo album that he can take with him on business trips. i looooove christmas, the best holiday of the year.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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