LC, who cares, you’re busted.

Now that that hills has become every young person’s reality addiction, it has come to my attention that lauren conrod somehow got ugly. she was cute back when she was on that other show…laguna beach. yeah back when she wasn’t really all that thin, and she was wearing maybelline makeup, and looking kind of girl next door. then she was cute. she was voted “most beautiful” for F sake. and now….now, well she looks like vanilla cornmeal. like vanilla icecream melted into cornmeal and then mushed all around. possibley the most bland tasting flavor there is. that’s pretty unfortunate, but that’s what happens when you cast people on the show that are 20 times better looking than the main character. sorry pal, but because of this, you became the ugly ho instead of the pretty ho. ps. kristin cavallari is working on a deal to join the cast next season…even though her and lauren Hate each other. oh the drama!!

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