i hate you vodka, long live vitamin waters.

red sox ticket packs came out this weekend, and we didn’t get any. i was really looking forward to being able to get a pack and attend half the games and sell the rest off to make back the money, that was my ultimate plan…but probably a lot of others had this plan too. so not only did we not get any ticket packs, but we also didn’t get any single game tickets. so i’m wallowing in my own sorrows, but the real reason that we didn’t get any ticket packs is because i was on my death bed from 5am – 11:15am.

this was the morning that i quit vodka. it doesn’t matter. it could be handle vodka, it could be absolute, gray goose, belvedere, i don’t care. i am not drinking vodka of any kind from now on. i had two drinks, and i was puking all morning long, and that’s what caused me to forget about the tickets going on sale at 10am. you know, to make a long story short.

also. i’ve pretty much had enough with people pretending to be nice, it’s like: why are you faking it because i know it and everyone else knows it and it’s really stupid.

The snowball was this weekend. it was fun, but i will say that this is the last one that i will be attending. it was too crowded this year, and i really enjoy dressing up but not for $65 per ticket just to be really crammed in and have really really old dudes giving me the eye, but not like really old dudes with lots of old money, but like really old dudes who look like they got let out of the old person home for the night. also, they’re vodka is the reason that i quit vodka….just two drinks…maybe one of those old scary men roofied me when abe was in the boys room.

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