give me some ambien: rant.

i’ve had enough. enough! i haven’t slept well in multiple days, i end up being up so late that i become tired, annoyed, and then ravenously hungry because it’s 2am and i ate dinner at 7 but you can’t exactly get up to have a snack when you can’t sleep….then i’d be tired, annoyed, and getting chubby from late night snacking. oye. i have circles under my eyes and it takes me 2 cups of coffee to even realize that i’ve had two cups of coffee in the morning. i’ve tried those stupid relaxation techniques where you say: my toes are relaxing, now my feet are relaxing, now my calves are relaxing, and so on. i try surfing the net, i try watching tv, i try reading. there’s nothing left for me to see on the internet, late tv is all reruns, and i have nothing worth reading. i could be researching wedding things, but then what would i tackle during the daytime hours…and i need to leave things for abe. i can’t focus. i can’t even remember what was on the today show this morning, i’m not even sure if matt was on today or if he had the day off… i forgot to have a diet coke today with my lunch. my everyday rituals aren’t even being met. this is sad. how i met your mother was on tonight, but i think i might have changed the channel and forgotten to go back to watch the rest of the episode, why would i do that. i think the patriots might have been on tonight, but i just remembered. i didn’t watch. i hope i’m not like this for the rest of my life. it’s insufferable.

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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