kathy griffin…is funny

oh my god. i’ve gone crazy. i’m not sleeping because abe is gone, and i can’t sleep when he’s gone. whatever, cute or crazy call it what you want…i swear, it’s some kind of medical condition. but also, i’m currently up because i’m watching some stand up comedy thing with kathy griffin…and i actually think it’s Funny. at first, i thought: well only the news is on right now, what else can i watch. so then i find this little gem. it’s kind of amusing at first, and then suddenly i realize that i’ve been laughing out loud for like 15 minutes. that’s 10 minutes longer than when i’m laughing at family guy or my name is earl. she did this hilarious impression of paris hilton walking…but walking like a retarded horse. histerical!

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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