Wedding Venue and Turkey Day

my mom and i visited The Crane Estate at Castle Hill in Ipswitch today for a wedding and reception. it was perfect!! it’s this gigantic estate with a view of the water, and tons of land with rolling hills and gardens, and even an inn on the property. i have no idea how much this is going to cost, but i’m calling to book it tomorrow since daddy is taking care of it : ). abe hasn’t seen it, but i think that he trusts my judgement if i love something this much. and now we can spend our saturdays in december apartment hunting so we have a place to live come feb. i really wasn’t looking forward to driving around looking at more venues, i just knew this was the one so it’s pointless to keep looking. we should really give my car a rest before the winter hits anyways….stupid car.

Abe survived thanksgiving with my family, which i knew he would. most holidays are really really laid back anyways, so it’s no big thing. i think at first he thought i was a little unbalanced or like overwhelmed for no reason when i go to his family get togethers, but now i think he’s able to see why. it’s like going from zero to a hundred. we just hangout, watch tv, and stuff our faces. there’s no kids, there’s no loudness, it’s just calm drinking and chewing ourselves into food comas. i’m sure that will change once me and the rest of my cousins have kids, but that’s not for awhile thank god.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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