Giant List

I have a giant list of things to-do:

1. find wedding venue (secretly i already have one)
2. find apartment for jan 15 or feb 1 ($1350-1450 heat and hot water included, near a T line, preferably with one parking spot, 1 bedroom, help!)
3. christmas shopping: no ideas for anyone yet…
4. trade in the jeep wrangler and the silver bullet jetta for one car.
5. furnish our nest
6. plan our wedding, with as much Me and Abe as possible and with as little outside butting-in as possible, also ask the wedding party to be the wedding party.
7. save the date cards!
8. lose 5 pounds for a wedding dress.
9. dress shop once 5 pounds remains off.
10. find a place to take lunchtime yoga classes (any good places downtown?? anyone?)

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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