Fakesgiving and wedding planning

So this is what we did on friday night. Can you guess which one is mine? it was actually pretty amusing. she’s wearing a beret and everything. abe’s is the one where the snowman is actually holding his own head. yuri made the skiing snowman, and alison put together a penguin kit.

Fakesgiving this year was at Pete’s house. I think the food was better than i’ve ever had since i started participating in fakesgiving. then again, this year, i didn’t bring anything….
abe stole an apple pie. it never made it all the way home…. it’s actually still in my car if anyone wants to get a lick. he thought he was stealthy stealing the pie, but actually he announced “i’m stealing this pie” before we left. there was so much food, i’m sure nobody missed it!
so i’m full fledged into finding a wedding venue for us. i feel very strongly that it needs to be booked by christmas time before a new crop of newly engaged couples start reserving spots. so i find somewhere, call them leave a message, and nobody Fing calls me back. why is that, are wedding planners and wedding caterer’s only part time people? so we saw the CliffHouse on saturday, it was Alright. i could see how it would be very nice at night, but it was “cozy new england” and i’m “elegant and classically contemporary”. we have appointments made for: Castle Hill in newport, the State Room, Danversport, Crane Estate Castle Hill Inn, and i’m awaiting many phone calls from other places. we only have 3 days total to look at all these places since abe is traveling and thanksgiving weekend gets in the way and then we’re going to a patriots game. so i don’t know what we’re going to do, i’m really stressed about it. and the more people make suggestions, the farther they seem to be from what i want…why is that. people insist on giving me ideas that aren’t close to what i want. it’s like i say: outdoor ceremony waterfront. and then people give me places that aren’t even near any water or have an outdoor area. i feel like people are trying to sabotage me. lauren keeps saying: i don’t care, it’s my day!! i think she is on to something. i’m starting to realize how normal people, or ever so slightly neurotic people can fall into the bridezilla mode. it’s because everyone is against you, and nobody is listening!

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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