we’re engaged

so of course everyone knew it was coming eventually. abe and i are engaged, and will be getting hitched in 2009….at some unknown venue. but it’s really exciting, and totally surprising. and i wish i could relive it because it just happened so fast, and the details are already so foggy, and i really can’t express the amount of surprise that i felt. i’m so happy, the feeling of being engaged and being in a serious relationship are completely different to me. i feel much more grown up, and totally awesome, like the very thought of buying something domestic gives me the tingles. and the thought of wearing a virginal white dress makes me laugh.

so three weeks or so ago, i went and tried on a bunch of engagement settings at joseph gann downtown. i found the one i wanted, and brought abe with me to show him the one that i loved the most. i didn’t think i’d get to wear it until after christmas. so i just kind of pouted about it, and let it go. then about a week ago, we decided to spend a night away at a marriott this weekend and use some of abe’s points for a night to just relax and get breakfast in bed since abe had been traveling so much. so abe comes and picks me up after a couple hours at the office and we start along, and then we pull into the Four Seasons. so i’m like: why are we here? and he’s like: i got a really good deal. so i’m like slightly annoyed at the amount of money he was paying, but figured it must have been a really good deal. so we are checking in, and the lady at the desk is like: so you have the Romance Package, this is what is included. so i’m like: oh champagne, that’s nice! i love champagne. we go up to the room, which is big and beautiful with a view of the park, and abe goes to the bathroom, takes off his jacket, gets down on one knee and proposes, opens the box and the rings tumbles to the ground, he picks it up and drops it, and the whole time i was just like: oh my god oh my god. so he stands up and i think he said: so? and i said: either Ok! or yes! not sure which one. and we were officially engaged. the other side of the story is that after i picked out the setting at the jeweler, abe made an appointment and went back either the next day or the day after that to look more closely at the setting and then i think he bought it pretty quickly and then hid it away in yuri’s room. thank god for yuri. then he took my dad out for a great steak at Ruth’s Chris, and asked for permission/his blessing, which was just really wonderful of him to do. and then like two days later, he proposed. everyone knew but me i guess. i really am amazed at the amount of self restraint in not letting up one hint to me. i’m so excited!

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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