the hills, show me the money

i read somewhere that lauren conrad lost 6 whole pounds! i’m sorry. i’m not impressed. it’s not at all impressive when someone hires a trainer, and then loses weight. of course that’s what happens, if everyone had a trainer, then nobody would be fat and obesity wouldn’t be such a mega-problem in the US. we can’t control what we eat, we have no self control, we like to dine out, we like fast food, but if you exercise enough and correctly then yeah you’ll still be on the thin side.

i watched the hills again this week. heidi is such a flaming bitch. i don’t even know if i can watch it anymore because i hate her so much. her and spencer combined make the ultimate jerk. her cattiness is beyond human proportions. and she wear’s burberry with a popped collar?? come on! that really helped her look like a bigger jerk. just remember little girl: you have fake boobs, a fake nose, fake hair, a fake ring, and a fake job. your life kind of sucks.

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