weekend update

so my weekend came and went without any big impact. i did go on a long bike ride down the bike path though, which was really nice on a perfect day. and of course on the way back we got a pie. we can’t be active and not eat, that is something abes would balk at. Petsie pies, i definitely recommend the spinach, feta, and pine nut pie. i’m sure it’s horrible for you, but was very tasty, we ate almost the entire pie.

the other night i had this dream that abe and i received tons of plants from people as gifts, indoor potted plants and hanging plants and small cactus plants. we had gotten so many at one point that i was arranging and rearranging all of them everywhere because i had run out of places to put them. according to the dream dictionary this is not a good dream. it indicates that my growth is being hindered in some way and i’m experiencing a lack of independence. this is a truth, but i’m not sure how to get out of this jelly jam. i feel like i’m stuck in an egg pecking to get out, but i can’t, i’m just stuck. i do believe that this is how i’ve felt for over a year now, and it comes and goes with different intensities. and it does feel pretty strong right now.

i seem to be rebelling against my need to save lately. i’ve been on a spree lately: wellies, work shoes, sweater vests, dinners out, cookbooks, whale critter shorts for abe, etc. this is very unlike the laura of a month ago. i need to get back on that saving train. i do think that all my spending is justified, but when you spend: you’re not saving. that’s really just the reality of it. sigh. my new welllies just arrived today, and they are just the cutest things i’ve ever seen. they’re navy blue and they have little whales on them spouting up water threw their blow holes. i love them, i can’t wait for it to pour outside so i can sashay to work in cute boots and dry feet. everyone will be so jealous!

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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