i now own a bicycle

Abe got me a bicycle. it’s sooooo pretty. it’s definitely the cutest bike that was in the entire store. i’m in love: deep love. i think i owe abe something special, but i can’t think of anything quite yet that doesn’t have to do with us getting fat or us being lazy. also in the same day, i got two parking tickets!! two meter parking to make things even sillier…and two meter parking tickets in cambridge. ugh, sigh. what a waste of money. i’m trying to stop spending money in stupid useless ways: atm fees, buying coffee in the morning, etc. but not having quarters when there is only meters around will hurt, $20 per ticket.

on sunday, we went to newport. i’m unimpressed, it’s very nice, but it’s not as nice as people make it out to be. i think i’m a vineyard type of girl. i have to say that the red seaweed had a big impact on how i felt about the beach. i can’t go in the water if there’s little pieces of red turd all over the place. and it’s hard to roast in the sun and then have nowhere to cool off. it was certainly no cape cod, martha’s vineyard, or hamptons. i do believe it was one of those places that was pretty, but it wasn’t really working overall for me. i need pretty ocean with clear water and a sandy beach. which of course doesn’t seem too demanding, but in some cases it can be.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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