A weekend of Harry

So i finally got to see the new harry potter movie. i went to an imax where the last 20 minutes or so were in 3-D for a battle scene. it was pretty interesting that way, but certainly not necessary. i don’t want to ruin it for anyone, so i’ll just say that it’s Very different from the others in all aspects but it’s worth seeing although not my favorite. But i think i would still give it a B+, i was just really hoping for an A+.

I also picked up #7 at barnes and noble yesterday. they sold them behind the counter, which i found odd. it’s like the books are drugs or something. whatever. so i buy it, then i mosey over to the mall to do some styling with my dad, and i’m fully abe to stay away from trying to open the book. i got to my parents house, i watched tv while dinner was in the oven and still did not read the book. i overate and then digested on the couch with a belly full of carbs, and still no urge to get the book. only until it was 8:30pm did i bother to start (well at chapter 4, i had a preview on saturday) and i didn’t stop reading till 2:30am….which also means that no i did not finish it, but i was barely able to sleep because all i could think about was harry potter. i’m pretty much looking like i got hit by a truck right now, but i don’t even care, i look like this on most mondays. so i’m just going to have to try and contain myself, i only have 1/4 left. i can make it…

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