Weekend update

So abe got to meet in entire extended family on father’s day. i think things went pretty smoothly. my family is incredibley hard to impress, nobody cares about anything. they seemed to like him, and that’s all that really matters.

i’m having some real urges to become a dentist. i’ve been thinking about it for many years, but i just never thought i could do it. i didn’t think i was smart enough or whatever, but now that i’ve hit my mid-20s life feels too rushed and i feel like i really need to take control of some things…like my career. but since i was an idiot in college, i don’t have the basic sciences that i need to even qualify to take the DAT to even apply for dental school. so now i need to find myself a few science classes for cheap…i think. this week, i need to research everything further. it’s really scary, really incredibley overwhelming. abe has been trying to be supportive by reminding me to take everything one step at a time, i actually think that helps a lot. step 1 doesn’t seem so bad. i just think that i would really enjoy it, but who’s to say that i wouldn’t really enjoy being a writer? or a stylist? i can’t ever know for sure.

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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