i’m a little bit under the weather today. i’m not sure why, i should be totally ecstatic that i’m flying to orlando on thursday for a long weekend with my boyfriend who i miss very much. i was craving a low fat cappuccino for breakfast, and i got one from starbucks, it was alright…not as good as in a restaurant from a big frothy mug. i brought a great lunch today too, which normally puts me on the better side of things: roasted korean sesame chicken and pepper kebabs from whole foods. i have one kebab for today and one for tomorrow. guaranteed two good lunch days. it was ok…it was kind of missing something…like rice or potato chips. my brother came up on saturday for a cookout at abe’s place. it was good, but let’s just say, he’s not invited back for a while. he annoys the shit out of me after a few hours. and his really immature big mouth stupid comments are not at all amusing to me. i don’t think we have the same sense of humor, so i need a few weeks off. i’d really just like to be really selfish for a couple weeks and just not care about anyone else, in fact, i might disappear off the planet. we’ll see if that happens, i’ve already forgotten about my cousin’s daughter’s dance recital that i said i’d attend and the father’s day cookout where abe’s attendance was requested. so i guess i can’t really win everything, but i can try. i’ve tried to pass my time at work lately looking at wedding things and reading articles on tips and info, etc. the funny part is the no matter how many articles i read, and how many “real wedding” stories i see, the cost is never let loose. you might think i’m crazy for looking at things so soon, but it’s more of a hobby that i enjoy. in fact, i don’t care if you think i’m crazy because that’s the kind of mood i’m in today.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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