What ever happened to the dog…

oh my god. i love this show, i really don’t even think i can express how dedicated i am to it, and how much sorrow i’m going to feel when it’s over.
This episode was called: Greatest Hits. this show is just so funny how all the women are drop dead gorgeous, yet you never see them use any modern day beauty products. i idolize them.

so on this day, the others are planning on invading the beach and stealing all the women and killing all the men. and on the beach, they are heavily preparing for the arrival…but there’s so many mini storylines going on, i think every single character and even ones that i’ve never seen before are part of the show. i do prefer episodes where they have flashbacks and heavy character development, but this one is special in that everyone is really involved: the entire beach, claire’s baby, juliet, the parachuter, all the others including alex and her boyfriend in hiding, the french woman roaming the island, and some black woman that i’ve never even seen. seeing it written like that makes it seem like it’s a really crazy show, and it really is. sometimes i really need to focus. next week is the season finale, i can’t even contain myself! what did alex mean when was told ben’s her father and she responded: is he… interesting, what if he’s not, maybe that’s why she hates him so much. i wonder if desmond’s vision was true… i bet if he went for charlie, he wouldn’t have rejoiced and then fucked himself over. charlie is so useless, i was really hoping he would die tonight. why did ben move up the plan? i think hurley feels unloved and is going to do something really stupid next week. i am hoping the locke comes back to save the day. they won’t be able to overtake the others without some kind of help, which is obvious. i wonder if juliet screwed charlie by telling him the looking glass was all flooded. hmm.

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