Cute Asian Babies

Abe is an uncle for the 5th time. imagine that? i don’t have any nieces or nephews considering i’m the oldest and if my 20 year old brother had any kids, my parents would have disowned him a long time ago. isn’t she just the cutest little thing, she’s even cuter now, this was only 1 day old. it’s funny to see babies, most of the time, i just really could care less. there could be billions of cute babies everywhere all around me, and i wouldn’t do anything but cover my ears. but this one is really adorable, and she does kind of make me want to have babies…only kind of though. i just feel a little better thinking that my baby would be just as cute. i used to think that abe’s family was irregularly potent, but they do make precious little babies. this one is little lauren, they named her after me… and if i were to have a baby by mistake, it would be named Leila Evangeline Cho or Lorelie Grace Cho hahaha. it’s going to be a girl, obviously, and it has to be a name she can grow up with. i’m sorry, but there’s so many names that just don’t sound good at 40 years old. also, it has to sound good when she’s famous for her beauty and brilliance.

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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