Independent Man

H is now 2.4 years old.  What is it like living with him these days?  Always changing of course – amusing, hilarious, painful, fun, and trying.

  • After badgering him for about 5 minutes straight to come over to me so I could change his diaper and get him ready for his swimming lesson, he just runs away and says, “No Mama. Stop Talking.”
  • We’re in the “Why?” phase.  Everything is why why why?  At some point he asked me where someone was going or something and it happened to be late in the afternoon so I said “so and so is going home to have dinner”.  And now everything is going home to eat dinner… “Mama, where is the car going?”, “Um, I don’t know H…”, “it’s going home to have dinner.”
  • I was getting his bath ready last night, and he was pushing his tall stool across the bathroom floor (while naked) so that he could stand on it and open the shade in the bathroom.  I kept asking him to get into the tub, and finally he was just like, “H busy!” and he smiled.  Like he knew it was hilarious.  We say that we’re busy all the time – we need to stop saying that.
  • This morning as we were leaving for school, he pointed to all the baby stuff I pulled up from the basement (baby gym, car seat, etc.) and he said, “baby sleeping. Bye bye baby.”
  • Sometimes when he wakes up, he’s in a really foul mood and immediately starts asking for Daddy.  I always say that daddy is at work, but he’ll be home for dinner.  Now when he hears that he just starts saying “YES YES YES YES YES YES YES” a hundred times.  As in like – Yes, I asked for daddy and he should be here right this second.
  • H and I eat dinner together each night and I play him music, usually kids music, and he’ll be like dancing around in his chair or whatever.  Now he likes to play the piano on the arm of his chair while he’s eating and dancing, but he wants me to bob my head, I’m not allowed to play the piano too or sometimes I can play the piano but I can’t move my head or I get a “NO Mama”.
  • He’s really emotional.  I’m not sure if this is his personality or if this is his age.  Sometimes he gets really frustrated, even in just a couple seconds of doing something and he’ll say “Can’t do it!” and he’s instantly in tears.  We urge him to try again or we assist, but it doesn’t always stop the water works.
  • Thanks to Abe, H asks me for a motorcycle like a couple times a week.  He’ll just look at me and say, “Motorcycle please Mama.  Please Please Mama.”  Because ONCE Abe said, “ask Mama for a motorcycle”.  Damn Him.


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37 Weeks and 2 Days – and home sort-of improvements

Happy belated mother’s day to all you moms out there.  We’re too tired and busy to really celebrate this kind of stuff around here too much, but I’m sure it was fun for other people!

37 weeks and 2 days

37 weeks and 2 days

I’m 37 weeks and 2 days (basically full term) and about 44.5 inches around.  I have a new crop of really beautiful stretch marks on my belly too, and what makes them extra special is that I can actually feel my skin stretching all day long and it doesn’t feel nice.  This needs to end.  OMG.  I’m positive the baby has dropped though.  Just in the past 4 days, I’ve noticed that the amount of peeing that I’m doing has increased by like a million even though it’s generally not much, and just yesterday I’ve felt more pressure very low in my pelvis.  Saturday night, I was kept up by a lot of cramping or like lower pelvic pain too.  I kept waiting for contractions or something, but it never came to that.  I’m not sure if any of this relates me to getting dehydrated on Friday which led to low blood pressure.  I don’t know.  Just in case, I packed my Go bag…

I still feel chronically behind when it comes to getting things ready.  The co-sleeper and car seat are both still in the basement somewhere, and the baby room still isn’t done.  I mean it’s Mostly done, but it’s just not actually complete yet.  I just need to have pull down black out shades cut down to size for the windows, put the curtains up, eventually move the glider in there, and hang stuff on the walls, and probably put in a window AC unit.  Each day a tiny bit more gets done.  It’s just super slow.  H’s room was much faster, but even that was on the late side as well.  The to-do list in our lives just seems to be never ending.

Today was a historic day in the Cho house.  We got new kitchen counters installed… and this probably should have happened back in like February, but it didn’t.  The original counters that came with the house were hideous blue and super cheap.  When I go to doctors offices, they tend to have the same cheap counter tops in the exam rooms in various colors.  Anyhow, they look fantastic (as hoped) but now everything else is bizarrely mis-matched.  Like the cabinets are going to be refinished and refaced, but at the moment it looks like two totally different worlds colliding.  Like someone wearing plaid pants with a striped shirt or something.  And the Floors, OMG, the floors which looked pretty ok before look super Not Ok now, but we’re not going to deal with those right now.  With a baby only weeks or days away, this kitchen renovation is becoming a bit stressful and inconvenient, but we’re just going to power through.  We also have an electrician lined up to do some other work around the house because you know – like why not do EVERYTHING all at once – kitchen, electrical work, plumber, appliances, have baby, etc.  Just because I think this nameless baby is coming sooner than later doesn’t mean that it actually will… famous last words I’m sure.

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35 Weeks and 6 Days, and a short mother’s day gift guide

Yeah, still super uncomfortable.  Last night, I got stuck on the ground after putting H’s pajamas on him.  I was able to manage myself into an all fours position, but then was stuck.  Literally stuck.  H asked me what was wrong and I thought for a few seconds that I might need to give birth in my son’s room on his lime green diaper changing pad on the floor.  Any way I tried to move hurt in my pelvis area, like a lot.  Eventually I was able to get up again and get on with it, but Jeez.  Things are getting really fucked up.  You don’t even want to know how many times I peed yesterday or how badly I want someone to massage my tail bone or how I think I need a step stool to get into bed now.
Today I’m 35 weeks and 6 days, and 44″ around.  I’m seriously worried that I’m going to hit 50 inches around.  The amount of loose skin after this pregnancy is going to be scary, like all floppy and horrifying.  It wasn’t bad after H, but that was a different situation (my belly was much smaller, and I was younger!)  I am really close to buying my first pair of Spanx, and another fear (besides needing constant shape-wear) is that I’ll need them forever like even to slide into a regular pair of pants.  I feel too young for all that.

35 weeks and 6 days

35 Weeks and 6 Days

Mother’s day is coming up.  MNO what little H will be getting his momma bear this year.  Hopefully he remembers to make her breakfast though, that would be nice.

Some ideas for those of you who need some suggestions:

  • Nespresso Machine.  I love love love the pixie bundle that we got in January.  I use it every single day to make Americanos or lattes with the milk frother.  You get a coffee credit when you order direct from Nespresso too – but warning: the credit takes time to process.
  • MacBook Air.  I just got this a couple weeks ago, but I think it’s already changed my life.  The battery life is amazing, it’s super light weight, and it actually does hold my thousands of photos on the hard drive.  My sanity is saved.
  • Tom’s Slip On Shoes. I have a pair of the Jonathan Adler ones from like last year, which I can’t find anymore online except for Ebay but really they’re all the same: super comfortable, even for a hugely pregnant lady with swollen feet.
  • Stitch Fix. This is one of those services where you fill out a profile and then you get a monthly delivery of clothing that you can decide to either keep or return.  I love it.  Some deliveries are obviously better than others, but I also do not have time to try on clothing in stores and I often need help getting out of my style comfort zone.  Abe got me a $$ credit one year for some holiday, and I’ve been hooked ever since.  They even have maternity clothing.

And if I were to create a non-tested gift guide of exciting things, then consider the following:

  • Ippolita Necklaces – Expensive but beautiful. I like the simple lollipop style the best.
  • Kate Spade Flamingo Pink Tote Bag – I love pink and bows, but this is obviously not for every woman out there.  It’s pretty bold even if a small/medium sized tote bag.
  • This Weird Adidas Swim Suit – This is like the epitome of things men don’t understand and women love.  Maybe not for all body types though, MNO?  It’s hard to imagine it on a real body and not someone that’s clearly 95 pounds and super tall, I just like the idea that a one piece can be exciting and unexpected.
  • Colorful Locket – I’m always drawn to these punch-of-color enamel lockets by Mark and Graham.  There are so many colors!
  • Wireless head phones – I don’t even know what kind to get, but the idea of not having to deal with the wire hitting me all the time when I’m trying to like run (or walk realistically) sounds amazing.

If all else fails, there is always offering to do nice things: taking care of a huge list of to-dos, doing all the errands, cooking dinner, manual labor, ladies choice on a movie, etc!  Or all of the above.

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Beached Whale Situation

Today a lady that I work with told me that it looks like I’ve dropped – meaning that the baby has moved down into like the birth canal or whatever.  This would sound promising if I had seen her at all in the past 6 months, but I think this is the first time she’s seen me pregnant with #2.  Granted, she has 3 kids so maybe she just knows when she sees it… I don’t really agree though.  I think I have a couple more weeks to go.

I do think that I’m going into the office way less now.  It took me like 10 minutes of intense waddling to get from my parking spot to my desk when it usually takes 2 minutes and I had to pee so badly the whole time.  My tendons right in my pelvis get super tight from sitting, so I’m completely like walking all kinds of ridiculous and painfully after sitting in the car.  Also – number of strangers who commented on my size just today – 3.  My favorite was, “oh girl, you’re about to pop!”  The number of not strangers who had comments today – 10 (a new all time high).  My favorite was after my boss asked everyone in my cubicle row if they wanted to go to the Red Sox game tonight, he yelled down the hall to me asking if I wanted the ticket – I laughed and shook my head at him as I was eating my lunch and he said, “HA!  I was just being polite.”  as in obviously I wouldn’t go because I can barely move.  Going the 8 steps to the printer and back is a challenge, I can’t even imagine taking on Fenway sober and very much like a beached whale.

Abe is traveling this week, he doesn’t have to travel much anymore so this is the first time in a while.  I thought it would be harder to manage H while Abe was gone, but Abe isn’t really here much anyhow.  It’s harder to manage H in general, but that’s just how it is.  I get H up and ready in the morning, and I pick him up and do dinner and bath time each night.  Sometimes after bath time, H likes to do crazy stuff – he has all sorts of high energy made up games which are all variations of chase.  Some have dinosaurs, some have bears or trucks,  some don’t need any toys, some require yelling “stand back”, etc.  Luckily, this week he hasn’t tried to play those games, and he’s really into his tools.  So after bath and before bed, he wants to watch Bob the Builder and then we sit on the ground and use his tools together – which is also done in a very specific manner.  He’s so particular. This was a good time to work on his wrench skills though.

Suddenly this week, he’s decided that he can control his pee.  Tonight after his bath, he was running around naked and I was getting his pajamas all ready for him.  He ran over to me and like braced himself as if he were getting ready to piss all over the floor and said “PEE”.  So I said, “Let’s go pee in the potty!!” and we ran to the toilet, where he peed instead of on the floor. He did this twice in 15 minutes.  I decided to wait until after the baby came to try potty training with H, which I think was the right decision since he’s really just now starting to show real interest and ability with it.  Two weeks ago, he peed on the floor in the baby’s room, laughed, then stepped in it and slipped and fell on the floor.  I’m not sure he learned anything from that.  None of the other kids in his class are potty trained yet either, which makes me feel a bit better.  They are all the same age 2.4, and one of the girls is just starting.

Something that I really fear though, is moving him from a crib to the toddler bed.  I mean maybe it won’t be as bad as I imagine… but what I imagine is him getting out of bed like 3 times in the night and coming into our room waking us up or just like being loud or whatever at all hours of the night, or waking up the baby.  He also sleeps like a maniac so I’m sure he’ll be falling out of bed frequently, even with the little bar thingie.  There are probably really good solutions to these problems – like put a baby gate at his door or the safety thing on his doorknob.  I think I’m just not ready for that situation, but like when he’s finally potty trained, is really when it happens right?  Like at some point there are no more like night time pullups and if he has to pee at night, then he gets up and uses the bathroom like a normal human being?  That just sounds like a massive production, because right now even washing his hands is a massive production.  I need the cliff notes on this, I don’t have time to read about how to potty train and move to a toddler bed!

A couple funny H things:

Instead of saying “I don’t know”, H has decided to start saying “MNO”.  He knew how to say I don’t know a few weeks ago, and now he’s shortened it.

At dinner, he makes me take off his socks…. he tugs at his socks and says “open up!”, and then he proceeds to hunt for toe lint.

Boys… he also used the F word for the first time last week.  It might have been a fluke, but I don’t think so.  He didn’t learn that from me.

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33 Weeks, 34 Weeks, and Watermelon Sized

33 weeks and 5 days

33 weeks and 5 days

34 Weeks and 4 Days

34 Weeks and 4 Days

The big keep getting bigger over here.  I have so much to complain about these days!  This pregnancy has been so different than my first one, but my lifestyle is also completely different so that might be much of it.

I have so much like tendon tightness in my pelvic area after sitting, so then when I get up to move around I’m full-on waddling because it hurts to move normally.  This is also a problem moving around in bed, so sleeping isn’t going well because if I’m uncomfortable it hurts to move around and adjust.  Alternatively, if I stand for too long my back super hurts and my left thigh falls asleep.  My thigh fell asleep last time too though, I clearly remember that weirdness.  The bottom half of me is retaining a lot of water.  I Might have cankles… it’s bad.  The beginning of the day is not so bad, I mean I can fit 1 pair of shoes on.  By the middle of the day, my shoes are tight and I can feel swelling, and by the end of the day my shoes do not fit, my feet are throbbing and my pants are completely spandexy leggings even if they are not leggings.  I feel like a stuffed sausage.  It’s strange to me that it’s only the bottom half, like I can still wear my rings – although I noticed that my watch is feeling a bit tighter than normal so maybe the rest of me isn’t far behind (ugh).  I’m just like SUPER FREAKING UNCOMFORTABLE!  I walked to the playground the other day with H and Abe and I was like at 1/2 speed and I honestly was not sure if I’d even make it home – this playground is right around the corner.  I just like couldn’t move well at all with like all sorts of tightness, and I had the constant feeling that the baby was going to just fall out with all the downward pressure.  It was delightful.

I cannot wait to give birth to this child.  He’s already head down, and I had an ultrasound last week that said he was 5 pounds and 13 ounces already.  That is apparently in the 73rd percentile or something slightly larger than average – which would surprise nobody who has seen me lately.  Most people would probably be surprised that the baby isn’t 10 pounds.  H was slightly under average sized (born at 6 pounds 9.5 ounces) for comparison.  I feel really strongly that he’s going to arrive 1-2 weeks earlier than expected.  He’s just like Ready.

H on the other hand is a bit less prepared.  His speech has improved so much lately, and he’s so effing funny.  I think he grows more demanding by the day though and he’s very much used to Mom and Dad just jumping to fulfill his every request.  He gets really mad if we flat out refuse.  It’s not that often, but it happens.  The other day he hit me with a toy like 15 times in a row, I tried to play it down and not make a huge deal of it since he rarely hits anymore.  But really, WTF was that?!  And he’s been pushing his counter top helper all over the place trying to get into things he shouldn’t (the stove, the convection oven, the Nespresso machine, etc.).  That thing is a blessing and a curse.  We’ve also entered the “Why?” era.  He asks Why after like everything, and like 8 times in a row.

I am Pretty Sure that I’ll make it through this week… even though each day is harder than the last.

Lastly, something that I’ve bought recently that I love:

LL Bean Toddler Rain Boots, $37.  I am not sure that H has anything in his wardrobe that he loves more than these boots.  They are easy to get on and off (himself), they are super durable, and he can walk around in them very well in the muddy yard.

IMG_7886 (1)

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Patience Does Not Live Here

My new computer is coming on Monday – I’m so excited.  Fighting with this thing has tested my patience more than little H does on a daily basis, and last night I bathed him while holding him with one hand in the tub and scrubbed him with the other hand as he screamed at me.  Even that was less frustrating than this machine.  He desperately had to get clean though – today is school photo day AND he brought him a whole bunch of sand from the sandbox somehow in his clothing and diaper.

We have a bunch of house stuff going on right now simultaneously of course.  My dad is currently painting the baby’s room (but I’m running up and down the stairs to bring him stuff every five minutes – argh, if I hear him yell my name one more effing time…), we ordered new kitchen counter tops and they are going to measure tomorrow, we found the kitchen cabinets we’ll be ordering to refinish, and we planted seedlings for the garden on Sunday so hopefully Some of them actually grow – H “helped” so I’m not really sure what to expect here.  This year we decided to try: cucumbers, 2 kinds of tomatoes, basil, and corn.  The corn is pretty adventurous, but the rest are sort of like the “easy” things to grow.  We don’t have green thumbs, so just getting this far is a pretty huge accomplishment.

So my dad (bless his heart) has been really overly eager to help with the baby room for some reason.  He’s been asking to paint it for like 3 whole months, so finally I caved and we are letting him do it.  However, “helping” in this situation is a classic example of why my parents helping has been not much help at all.  Although, he’s the one doing the actual painting – we got all the supplies, prepared the room, and I’ve been running up and down the stairs bringing him stuff for seemingly hours now.  At some point, I ran out to the grocery store and to get him some lunch, and when I was gone he shut off the washing machine because it was so loud that he thought something was wrong with it – it’s just loud.

So this leads me to – Things That My Dad Has Said That Has Super Annoyed Me This Month… (totally understanding that we will be in his shoes in 30 years):

  • H was bathing one night when Abe was gone and my parents were over with me, and they were asking about his soap.  He just uses very basic soap per the recommendation of his dermatologist, and my dad starts to talk about how his soap is drying out his skin and my mom jumped all over that so they got into an argument about soap… SOAP!  There was a flurry of talking and yelling while standing in the bathroom holding wine glasses and then finally my dad was like, “It’s CVS brand and it was BEAUTIFUL for a long time!!”  I think I died laughing at him and just died at the same time.
  • That same night, we were going to order Bertucci’s takeout and I didn’t have a paper menu.  I just pull the menu up on my phone and asked my dad to do the same.  He starts to fiddle around and literally 10 minutes later, he goes: “how do I open up a browser?”  Honestly.  He has an iPhone, and he 1. doesn’t connect his email to it, and 2. has no idea how to use the internet on it.  He only uses it to make calls and text messages.  Being the caring daughter that I am, I immediately freak out, “WHY do you even have an iPhone Jesus!!”  Those are the most frustrating moments for me.  I also need to mention that he’s been to the Apple store and the Verizon store many times for them to show him how to do things – clearly it did not sink it.
  • Today, I was telling my dad about the addition that Abe is thinking about putting on the house in the future.  We got into an argument over the bathroom.  When people put an addition on, they typically don’t take away bathrooms – but that was his proposal and it was making me furious.  Something we don’t want in this house is Less bathrooms and stupid ideas.
  • When I got my dad lunch today, I had planned on going to Panera but there was no parking in their little lot so I just went to the sandwich making area in Market Basket and had them make subs for us since I had to go in there anyhow.  When I got back and put everything out for him to eat, he takes a few bites and he’s like, “that Panini makes a good sandwich.”  He’s really really bad with names of things, he gets people and location names wrong 99% of the time.
  • Little H is very little, like he’s short for his age so he has a lot of step stools around the house for him to be able to be more independent.  There is one at the water cooler so he can help press the button for water, one at his counter top helper so he can get in an out by himself, then one at his easel so he can draw higher up, and then in the bathroom there is one at the sink.  At my parents house, he just has 1 and I’m not really sure where they put it or what they use it for but there is 1 there.  So my dad said, “H has so many stools, I’ve been calling him the stool man.”  Like he said that in all seriousness.  I was like, “I probably wouldn’t call him the Stool man…geez.”

That is really only a small portion of the ridiculous shit that has been said recently, but the most memorable.  I think it means that I need to see my parents less often.  For some reason, my dad just touches some nerve with me so I’m instantly annoyed with him.  Hopefully the bedroom gets finished this week, and hopefully I don’t kill him in the process.

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Belated 31 Weeks and 4 Days – and Happy Easter

BABY 1 : 31 weeks 4 days

BABY 1 : 31 weeks 4 days

BABY 2 : 31 weeks and 4 days

BABY 2 : 31 weeks and 4 days

31 weeks and 4 days, and 43 inches around.  Not much growth this week, which I’m thankful for.  I read back at Baby #1’s post at this time and it turns out that last time the baby was measuring a week behind in growth, so maybe that’s why I’m so huge now?  Yeah, I’ll just go with that.  I was only 39″ for Baby #1 at this point last time.  Either way, I’m still huge.  I got on the scale and I was actually surprised that I didn’t cry.  I think that my weight is actually going well, you’d just never know by looking at this situation.  I’ve had a lot of recent sweet cravings though, like insane cravings for cookies and pie and donuts…

Things I’ve been wondering about:

Is it normal that I typically do 5 loads of laundry per week?  That’s not normal right?  When it was just me and Abe I did 2 at the most.  Like now I do: 2 loads of colors, 1 load of whites, 1 load of H’s stuff plus his weekly daycare stuff, 1 load of post-swimming lesson stuff, and then sometimes a load of sheets/towels.  I spent like a lot of time doing laundry, folding it, and putting it away each week.

I noticed that life with little H has gotten exponentially easier now that he can talk pretty well.  Like the other day when he told me his stomach hurt – I didn’t know he knew how to communicate that, but it was super helpful.  He often tells me when he’s wet… meaning he peed through a diaper.  Most of his tantrums can be calmed pretty quickly by talking through or around them too because he can tell me why he’s so upset or what he wants/needs.  Talking is probably the biggest milestone besides walking for making our lives easier.

We have the crib and the dresser now set up in the baby room.  Still looks like a disaster in there, but slow progress is being made.  The second time around, it’s so hard to get things going.  Like I forgot to order the crib mattress because I was consumed with 100 other things, so that will be coming later this week, but I’m sure there are a bunch of other things that I totally forgot about as well.  I can’t remember how long H stayed in his co-sleeper next to our bed but I know it was at least 1 month.  He was a loud and terrible sleeper though – he had a lot of bowel discomfort and would like cry and moan all the time.  I’m still not really sure what that was all about but I think it was likely his food allergies coming through my milk or something.  Anyhow, I guess one of my nieces was the same way, so my sister in law and her husband put the baby outside their door in the hallway in her crib because it was driving them insane too (third child for them)  I can’t quite imagine doing that, but I am not looking to keep the baby in our room for too long either.

I desperately need a new computer.  My MacBook Pro is like 5 years old, and every single time I use it I want to lose my mind.  The mouse is having issues so things are always being clicked on when I’m not clicking on them!, it’s asking me to do updates, and the fan is constantly running loudly.  It might just explode at any moment.  The new MacBook is coming out in like 5 days.  5 freaking days.  I just need it like here on my doorstep on the day it’s available.

This is sort of a combined post because I started it days ago and then got distracted and then suddenly it was Easter… so happy Easter everyone.

H has a lot of food allergies, so when it comes to things like Easter baskets the bunny has to get creative.  There were no sweets at all in his basket this year (or last year).  Instead he got 2 new books, a stomp rocket, bubbles, a sippy cup, and sidewalk chalk.  The rocket was a massive success.  He played with it outside for close to an hour – which is an eternity.  Then later the boys played with it inside for a bit longer (against mom’s wishes) because boys will be boys.

I think because of all the rocket excitment combined with the fact that he slept until 8am, he refused his afternoon nap and was then a cranky pants all afternoon.  There were a few mental breakdowns and normally he loves his BFF Papa, but really wanted nothing to do with him all day. He was really into Mom today, which he usually isn’t if Daddy and Papa are around.  It was tiring.  He was very interested in my camera though too, and he now thinks it belongs to him.  — Is mom ever allowed to have anything of her own?  The answer is clearly No in this house.  He took this photo of Mama:


Photo by H at 26 months

IMG_7989The Little Photographer

I’m not looking forward to a full week of work ahead.  I feel like I’m starting to totally mentally check out because I have more important things to think about now.  Also, I heard a Shake Shack is now in Back Bay – I had no idea it was even coming.  This is also super important.

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31 Weeks and Delirious

I’m 31 weeks today.  The doctor told me that the baby is medium sized (probably around 3 pounds) and almost upside down – like he’s diagonal upside down.  I don’t even know if that’s a good sign or a bad sign, but he seemed pleased.  Baby’s heart beat is 145 bpm.  I’m still effing huge.  Someone I work with the other day asked me how much weight I’ve gained.  — Cue the “SHE DID WHAT???” look.  Exactly.  Another lady told me that I looked more pregnant on Thursday than I did on Wednesday.  I KNOW.  Come on world, be kind.

I kind of had a freak out moment today when I realized that I’m not far off from being full-term.  So like you have your due date, but then you also have your full-term date, and like the baby realistically can come anytime after that date – and that’s soon.  I still can’t really do anything with the nursery until Abe clears the room out, so Ok fine.  Instead I ordered a bunch of breast feeding items that I think are essential (lanolin ointment, disposable nursing pads, soothies, milk storage bags, and some kind of boob shaped ice pack – like every Lansinoh product out there really) so at least I’d be able to feed a baby and feel relatively relaxed about it.  Last time I had no idea what I even needed until I was at the hospital and nurses were like telling me as they stared at my boobs… and even then I didn’t even know what to do with any of that shit.  I placed my giant Amazon order at like 7:30am too, so you know it was totally Sane.  Totally.

H slept in till 7:45am and woke up with a peed through diaper/pajamas/sleep sack.  So I got him all changed up and brought him downstairs.  When I was changing him, he tapped his stomach and told me that it hurt.  I was kind of like: hm… do we skip swimming?  Does he even know what a stomach ache is?  Is it gas??  I decided that we’d try to go since the class is only 30 minutes.  We made it through the class, and again he swam like a fish.  Then we get home, and I’m doing the dishes or something and he’s standing in front of the TV drinking juice and I heard a little something.  Was it a noise on the TV, or a sound outside, my imagination, or my child having some kind of bowel issue??  It was a messy diaper, but like not all that bad, just abnormal.  I got him cleaned up, and figured he was Good to Go after that… the kid barely ate anything all day.  Later in the basement, he peed through his diaper, down his leg and into a puddle.  GEEEZ.  At 1:15 I brought him upstairs for his nap, and he was like in the baby room roaming around while I was in his room going through his books when suddenly I heard the loudest and most explosive sound that every parent knows and dreads… it was a true diaper explosion.  I got him cleaned up again, and finally got him into bed.  He refused to nap.  After 45 minutes of rolling around doing acrobatics, and counting the animals on his sheets, I let him out.  This is only the second time he has refused a nap, like ever.  After dinner, a similar explosion on a smaller scale occurred while my parents were over.  UGH, I don’t even know.  Did I mention that Abe is out of town at the moment?

Other problems – my feet have grown so much that I don’t even know what size they are anymore.  I bought a pair of sneakers online and had to send them back because they were like too short, too narrow, too everything not fitting.  I’m going to come out of this second pregnancy with a size 9 foot, I can just feel it.  I was a 7/7.5 just a few years ago, but I’ll never see shoes of those sizes in my closet again.  The worst part was trying to jam my foot into this sneaker without being able to like super bend over because my belly is so huge.  It was really the icing on the big fat cake.

I also can’t remember the last time I slept well.  I wake up consistently now at 12:30 and 3:00 to pee every single night – and sometimes a third time on unlucky nights.  When I’m not peeing, I’m tossing and turning and unable to get comfortable while listening to Abe snore.  Then I’m up for the day when his alarm goes off at 5:30am.  I’m over tired and feeling a little bit crazy.  Maybe I should go shopping – that’s another really brilliant idea right now…

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Swimming Lessons and Table Manners

H recently began his second session of swimming lessons.  His first session was just about 1 year ago, so it has been a long time in between (which they do not recommend doing).

The first class back after such a long break was a total disaster.  He spent 15 minutes of his 30 minute class pointing to the stairs and yelling “that way!” and obviously was very distressed about being in the pool.  The second class, Abe wasn’t there for the first half of the class and then watched from a distance for the second half of the class.  I’m not sure if it was because H was more used to the situation or if it was because he couldn’t see daddy, but he did so much better.  He really tried and did very well.  The third class, he was like a fish.  At one point he told me to let go because he thought he could swim on his own.  He really was doing a great job kicking his legs, but I knew he’d just sink without my help so I let him go under water a few times but that was it.  He really loved it and didn’t want to get out.  The progress he’s making is really great, and I would like to keep it going if we can.

Typically during swim class or the beach or whatever, we will use whatever swim diaper I can find at the store – Huggies or Pampers and they work just fine.  Note: swim diapers only purpose is to hold a #2 and not weigh your kid down too much.  I just happened to come across the Honest re-useable swim diaper at Buy Buy Baby the other day and gave it a shot since I had a coupon in hand ($14 retail).  Result: Love It.  I wouldn’t say that I don’t care about the environment, but my life requires the fastest/easiest methods for this kind of stuff.  It was soft, light, way more comfortable for H than the disposable diapers, held no water, and was easy to get on and off.  I highly recommend it.  My links don’t work for some reason, but they come in a variety of cute patterns and you can get them directly at Honest or at Buy Buy Baby like I did if you’re interested in this sort of thing.

honest swim diaper

I don’t really know what summer holds when we’ll have a newborn and a toddler, but I hope that H can still get to go swimming quite a bit.

We’ve also made some serious progress with H’s meal times.  He used to eat in a lobster seat attached to the counter with an iPad in front of his face.  This worked really well at first when he would just like zone out and I could shove food in his mouth.  After a while though it wasn’t ideal, and he got almost too heavy for the lobster seat/our crappy counter.  We thought that we could get him to transition to sitting at a little table instead, so we got him a little picnic table.  I wouldn’t say it was a failure, but it really wasn’t working well and it was just really uncomfortable to sit there with him because of course he didn’t want to sit there by himself.  So then I took him back into the dining room and sat him in his old Boon high chair, and we’d eat together at the table.  This worked OK… and then suddenly he stopped wanting to sit in that seat, and wanted to sit on me instead when I was like 3 bites into a meal.  That is really annoying.  One day I asked him if he wanted to sit in a big kid seat, and he said yes, and he’s been sitting/kneeling in a normal chair ever since.  The downside is that he often gets down and runs away and then comes back.  But the upside is that we are all eating in the dining room without the TV or an iPad.  Meals are a lot quicker now, but that’s not really a bad thing.

Easter is coming… I don’t think we’ll be visiting the bunny at the mall –> nightmares FOREVER.

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29 Weeks and 5 Days

29 weeks and 5 days_front

29 Weeks and 5 Days

29 weeks and 5 days_side

29 Weeks and 5 Days










42 1/2″ around… it grew a lot this week, which seems IMPOSSIBLE.  My body might just explode.

I’m so uncomfortable.  I can feel my stomach expanding, moving around hurts, and I have pinched nerves all over my lower back area and butt.  Crossing my legs is hard.  You would think I was already 9 months pregnant just by looking at me – seriously.  I feel it too, like I’m ready to give birth.  I regularly feel like the baby is going to fall out too.  That’s not pleasant.  I didn’t even bother try to get back in shape after H, but this time I would like to Try and get my stomach muscle tone back if they will go back after being so stretched out – more to come on that one!  I should get a trainer for real.

We MIGHT have some movement on the name front.  We had a name, but then we found a name that we like a bit better which we actually agree more on.  It was originally on H’s list a few years ago and suddenly made a reappearance.  We’ll see if it makes it to the end though.

The baby room still hasn’t been painted or furnished or anything, but we have the paint and the furniture so it’s not as bad as it seems.  I even have prints to hang on the walls with frames and a rug on the way.  Things are progressing there, just not in a way that you can see.  We’re trying to push forward on a kitchen upgrade simultaneously as well, which sounds like something only insane people do, but that’s pretty much us.

We had a baby visit last weekend, and H was really into the baby.  At one point he laughed and said “baby crazy!” He was always really interested to see what she was doing and didn’t mind when Mom or Dad held her either.  We were pretty surprised at his level of interest.

Today I tried out MAC Russian Red lipstick (matte).  This so far is my least favorite – it has a bit too much orange for my liking.  I don’t think that the pictures with apparently really favorable lighting accurately show the level of orange going on but much like Ruby Woo the staying power is amazing and was almost hard to get off.  Maybe my blue shirt makes it look less… sophisticated, like too much is going on maybe.  Overall, I don’t think this one works for me.

laura_mac russian red 2

Mac Russian Red

laura_mac russian red

Mac Russian Red





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