Baby #2 – AHH!

We’re totally crazy… Baby #2 is on the way!  What’s crazier than that is how much I’m showing compared to with Baby H at this point.  Second pregnancies generally show much sooner, but this is effing ridiculous.  I’m wearing maternity leggings right now and I’m in a belly band already for work pants.

Laura_11 weeks 4 days pregnant_small

Baby #2 and HUGE! 11 weeks and 4 days

10 weeks 5 days_sm

Baby #1 Barely Showing! 10 weeks and 3 days

This pregnancy has been different but the same.  Morning sickness – check.  Food aversions – check.  Poor sleep – check.

With H, I had really severe morning sickness but only at night.  I was throwing up like every other night and couldn’t even eat dinner for like 18 weeks.  With Baby #2, I’ve had more moderate morning sickness all day that gets worse at night but not as bad as with Baby H.  I feel like this will pass faster than 18 weeks too, it’s already getting a little bit better.

I was working full time before, but I really only had to take care of myself and that’s pretty easy.  Sure I had to take out the dog, but like, whatever. Now, I get home from work and I have to wrangle a crazy toddler into eating dinner and get him in and out of the tub before bed.  This kid is nuts.  This morning he pooped on the floor (Yes, Really).  Anyhow, it’s extra draining taking care of a child while being pregnant and working full time.  At the same time, I think that work can distract from feeling really crappy sometimes.

This time I actually have 3 other friends who are pregnant at the same time (2 for their second and 1 for her first).  It’s nuts.  Everyone just FREAK OUT!  Also this time I’m really hoping for a girl.  From what I’ve seen, girls are a lot easier in the young years.  I don’t know anyone who has a more challenging kid than H, and while that may be mostly his stubborn personality, I also can’t see a girl doing half the crazy shit he does.  So we’re just convinced it will be a girl and that’s that… if it’s not, there will be tears of absolute fear during the 18 week ultrasound when the gender is revealed.  TBD!

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A Few Recipe Wins

I’ve been absent from here for a long time.  I’ve been spending my time being super tired, stressed, and annoyed with the world.  Care to join me?

When I’m tired and stressed and annoyed, the last thing I want to do is cook.  These are the days that I truly hate cooking, so I look to others for fast/easy recipes that I can use to get through the week until the weekend when you know I’ll be ordering Chinese food delivery.  Sometimes they work out, other times they go up in flames.  Here are a couple recents -

A recipe fail (one of many):

Pinterest – Crock Pot French Onion Soup.  It turned out so disappointing!  Like, I could barely eat it – I did anyhow because I was starving, but it was not good.  I can’t even find the exact recipe that I used, but I think that some things are just not meant to be put into a slow cooker.  I really do want to punch everyone who gave the recipe rave reviews though, they must have no idea what the real thing tastes like.

Recipe wins (because that’s what people care about!):

Table for Two – Honey Soy Chicken.  I loved how few ingredients were needed to make this recipe and I was able to prep. it in 10 minutes while H ate his dinner, which is like gold.  It came out delicious, I would make this one again for sure.  I served it on top of white rice, and would have served with green beans if I had the time to make them that night.

Table for Two – Take Out, Fake Out: Beef and Broccoli. This was a crock pot meal, and I really didn’t have high hopes for it because I’ve tried to make beef and broccoli in the crock pot before with very mediocre results.  This one was different!  I had to double it, which you’d think is like not rocket science but sometimes it doesn’t work well.  This one worked perfectly fine, and it was delicious.  I’m looking forward to eating leftovers later.

Table for Two – Holy Yum Chicken.  This recipe sounds really weird – it’s mainly dijon mustard and maple syrup, but it got so many great reviews that I decided it was worth trying.  It was very good.  I preferred the Honey Soy Chicken over this one, but that’s mainly because I prefer Asian flavors if given the choice.

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The Crazy That Lives Here

Do you ever feel like you’re just sleep walking?  That’s what I feel like these days.

Yesterday, I was walking out of daycare with H and there was another family right behind me.  So of course I try to open their car door instead of mine by accident.  I was like, “OMG, I’m losing my mind, SORRY!”  And of course it was a kid in H’s class, and of course it was the kid who he likes to bite all of the time (like the only kid H ever bites).  The dad was probably thinking that we’re such a huge mess – but they’re no picnic either.  Their car looked nothing like mine as an FYI!

H slept like a champion last week, but this week he has been waking up every night for some reason or another. Sometimes it’s just been for a few minutes, but last night he was up from 12-4:30!  Just wide awake but refusing to sleep or be in his crib.  Abe even took him for a ride in the car at 2am but even that didn’t work.  It was really awful and really painful.  Many different methods were used to get him to go back to sleep and he refused them all.  Abe was super-dad in handling the situation, but super-dad is heading on a business trip soon so hopefully this nonsense disappears before then.

H’s favorite things in the world right now are his tools.  His drills, the screws that go with his drills, screwdrivers, everything.  He is like Curious George and his always leaving his stuff all over the place, but sometimes he’ll just get up and run around the house looking for something but it’s usually his drill.  When he finds it, he’ll just sit there and play with it independently for like 10 minutes – which is a very long time, let me tell you.  He also really loves the board books that have the little tabs so he can open up doors or whatever to see something behind flaps.  He really doesn’t want us to read him the book, he just wants us to flip the pages for him so he can open each little door.  There is even a book that has little flaps that open to reveal TOOLS – imagine the excitement!

I’ve been thinking about painting H’s play room in the basement.  It seems like: Oh No Biggie!  But the space is a huge wide open area so it will be a lot of painting.  More importantly picking a color feels like such a big important decision since it’s so much space!  OMG the pressure.  I once had a friend with this bright green basement, we called it Matty’s 70s Basement because his parents painted it in the 70s and you could seriously tell.  It was hideous beyond belief.  I’d like to try to avoid a situation like that, but I also want it to be more fun than my usual paint color choices: light gray, light blue, light yellow, light purple, etc.  Any thoughts?  I’ve been looking at Pinterest for playroom inspiration and I immediately shut that down.  It was too overwhelming and who has time/money for any of that shit?  Not this busy family.  I just want to paint the walls and find a place for a chalkboard “wall”.  Taking paint color suggestions!

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Toddler Eczema and Itchy Skin – Your Days are Numbered

Two days after starting a new skin routine for H, and I am really blown away by his overall improvement.  His skin is smoother all over as opposed to his stomach and back feeling like sand paper all of the time.  His scalp doesn’t have a film of white dry skin on the top anymore (I always thought it was like cradle-cappyness coming back to visit, but was just dry skin).  He isn’t itching his body as much.  I can’t say for sure because I’m not with him 100% of the day, but I feel that he’s itching at least 50% less.  He hasn’t itched his crotch yet.  I know he probably will eventually, but hasn’t just yet.  Today was the first day that I even used the “body Rx ointment” (mometasone furoate cream 0.1%) – a tiny dab on 1 ankle and 1 wrist and randomly 1 hip.  That might sound like a lot, but that’s really nothing, his skin looks overall really great.

So what exactly did I change?:
Diaper cream – stopped using Triple Paste, started using Max. Strength Desitin from the can.  Must be from the can because it lets you apply thicker creamier layers that you never thought would be imaginable – I just put it all over his crotch, not his bum.  Downside: it’s stinky and hard to get off your hands.

Cut down on wipes.  The dermatologist suggested that I stop using wipes all together and just use a warm wash cloth with water, and Cetaphil if he needs some good cleaning.  Obviously that’s a harder thing to do when he’s in daycare, but I’ve cut back at home and the doctor thought that was a good place to start.

Body wash – stopped using California Baby and started using a bar of Dove Sensitive soap on H’s body and Aveeno Baby Wash and Shampoo in his hair.  This area alone made a surprisingly big difference.

Moisturizer – stopped using Hydrolatum and Aquaphor and started using Aveeno Eczema Therapy moisturizer.  It’s so much thinner compared to the paste consistency of Hydrolatum, but it works surprisingly well.

Prescriptions – stopped using triamcinolone acetonide ointment 0.1% on eczema or itchy flares.  Just started today using mometasone furoate cream 0.1% (body) and have not yet needed to use hydrocortisone butyrate cream 0.1% (groin/face).

The funny part to me is that all of the changes that I made are all much cheaper…
Triple Paste ($25.99), California Baby Wash ($25), Wipes ($35/month or so), Hydrolatum ($18), Aquaphor ($20) = $124

Desitin ($20), Dove Sensitive Skin Bar ($2), Aveeno Shampoo ($14) Less Wipes ($15/month), Cetaphil ($10), Aveeno Eczema Therapy Moisturizer ($14) = $75

When you compare how long certain things last too or the fluid oz. or whatever, the divide gets even greater.  The Aveeno shampoo is a huge bottle that will easily last at least 3 months if not 5.  The Cetaphil is something that I don’t need to use all of the time and probably will use very little since he’s at school most of the time.  It’s just interesting.

I remember when I thought that you just like bath a child – soap, shampoo, put in pajamas and put them into bed.  I was so wrong about just about everything.

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Bear Update

I tried sitting down to put a post together for weeks, days, hours, and it just wasn’t happening.  There was always something else to be done – like rummaging through the house for a piece of chocolate or breaking down 50 cardboard boxes for recycling day or making H’s new obsession – hash browns.

H’s allergy results came back – he’s still allergic to every thing he was before plus sesame.  It was a really terrible ordeal (blood test and skin test), and luckily we don’t have to go through it again until next year.  Our dreams of ordering him pancakes at a restaurant have been postponed.  I’m also now realizing that he’s getting kind of big… in the belly.  Like he might be getting a little chubby, so he’s certainly getting enough to eat, but honestly I’m not sure he can see his feet when he looks down.

Yesterday we went to see a Dermatologist to talk about all of H’s skin issues: eczema, dry itchy skin, rashes, etc.  After keeping me waiting for what felt like a toddler eternity, we were seen and I think it was a dr./patient match made in heaven.  This guy was super old, but he had 4 kids of his own with lots of skin and diaper rash issues, and he was just really great.  He had loads of suggestions to treat the problems based on his own experience and his medical experience (he was clear on which was which too) he shot down what the pediatrician had said and offered different advice, which I’m more than happy to take since the Pedi’s advice wasn’t working – but then again, one can’t expect a general pediatrician to have all of the answers.  I left there feeling like the world was going to be a lot less itchy for the bear, and H actually ran out of the office building like he was feeling pretty good about the appointment too.  I spent like a hundred dollars on supplies after that, but only because everything I buy has to be in multiples with his multiple care givers (daycare, Nana, and me).  Tip worth spreading: for a kid’s sensitive skin, instead of spending $25 on a fancy organic body wash (Like I was), Dove Sensitive bar soap is what the dermatologist recommends!  MIND BLOWN!!  I seriously was like: “So California Baby, and Aquaphor wash aren’t as good, are you sure, are you kidding?!”   Second tip: Specialists are worth seeing, even if they keep you waiting or book out far in advance or cost a higher copay.

We also got two new prescription ointments for his eczema/itching.  One of them is for the body.  The other one is for the crotch.  I asked several times that they make sure the instructions notate the location!  If this doesn’t work, then I don’t even know.  His crotch itching is still happening.  The one thing that I’ve finally realized is that keeping him on Zyrtec daily helps the itch, but it doesn’t make it go away 100%.

So yeah that’s an update on all of the bear’s many many ailments.

photo 1(4)On the very very upside – he’s been sleeping really well.  Shhh don’t tell him though, I don’t think he knows yet.

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Body 19 Months Postpartum

My body post baby has been kind of a roller coaster.  It took me about 6 months to lose 40 pounds of baby weight (I clearly remember returning to work 3 months post baby wearing my maternity pants but being Ok with that).  After 6 months, I just kept losing and lost a handful more pounds that I didn’t really need to lose – it was purely stress weight loss.  I literally did not have time to eat, I was nursing or pumping a million times a day, and I was so stressed out with work and juggling the world.  I was getting a decent amount of exercise then because we still had our dog who required lots of walks (I did them all), and so that kept me pretty lean.  Then our dog attacked the baby, and she was sent away to live somewhere else and my activity level dropped.  I actually know this because my Jawbone Up band went from me achieving around 8,000-10,000 steps per day down to around 4,000-5,000 steps per day currently.  That’s a massive drop in activity, and I can feel it.

Suddenly, I noticed that I have a belly…which shouldn’t be all that shocking due to my lack of activity these days.  But like, not like a floppy-skin belly from just having a baby, but like a floppy-skin belly with like weight gain under it.  I used to gain like all over the place nice and spread out (and like a lot in my face) but this time it’s like 90% in my belly and like 10% in my arms.  My body is so weird right now!  WTF is this?  I feel like an alien.

Other than my sudden belly, I’ve also had skin issues.  Sometime around May, I noticed that I was developing really dark marks on my face.  It was mostly marks from old acne breakouts, but it also looked just like dark marks from nowhere (could have been the sun plus age) and it was really bad.  I had mixed feelings about it.  I went from being totally mortified and trying to cover it, to not caring at all and wearing no makeup at all to try and let it heal.  Eventually, I made it to the dermatologist and got some prescription, advice, and just recently I began to see a big improvement.  It was very strange how it just came out of nowhere though.  Lesson learned: don’t wait, go to the dermatologist right away or I’ll have to listen to my mom comment on my bad skin (Isn’t that the worst, I’ll have to remember that for the future!).

My hair is different post-baby these days too.  When I was pregnant I achieved thicker hair, post-baby I lost a ton of hair, and then it all grew back in.  You could actually see loads of tiny baby hairs sticking straight up on my head for a few months.  Then later, the texture of my hair and natural state has been altered – my hair actually has texture, it has a wave on one side, there is frizz, and it’s a bit dull.  2 years ago, if I air dried my hair it would be super straight, very fine, and super shiny.  My entire body is confused!

What is the game plan?  I don’t really know… a little of this, and a little of that.  I’m going to try and pack my lunch for the office when I’m there or make a conscious effort to make a healthy lunch at home when I’m here.  I got H some cool bento boxes for his big boy school lunch so I’m going to borrow them and see if that helps me get more excited to pack it.  It’s not the eating of healthy things that’s hard for me, it’s the putting it together that I find really annoying.

This was my lunch from Wednesday – salad with leftover marinated chicken on top and that yellow container is dressing, and super ripe and sweet strawberries.  I also had a Chobani yogurt that I later realized expired (it got tossed, you can’t win them all), and a Kind bar for late afternoon snack.  It went really well, so I’ll just try to keep planning and eating healthy lunches.  I honestly think that a few small changes will be all that I need – healthy packed lunches, less evening sweets, less fast food (but OMG, I am dying to get my hands on Chicken Fries!!), much more water, and more activity when I can handle it.

photo(3)Things that I will not be altering: my coffee, and my wine.  Let’s get freaking real, some things aren’t THAT important.

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Results Pending

We went to the allergist today thinking that H was going to have a skin test done of all his current food allergies.  What actually happened was we rolled in there and H already had hives all over his leg and we had to address that issue and then did a skin test just for sesame – he had a resounding positive on that, and then we had to take him to the pediatrician’s office to get his blood drawn to do the check on the other allergies.  So really today, we left the doctor’s office with 1 more food allergy than we had before and there was a crazy amount of screaming coming from H.  I hope nobody remembers us… when we have to go back tomorrow for his 18 month vaccinations!  OMG.  I know, who schedules appointments like that??  I do… I guess.  I’m the worst.

At home, Abe and I share an office in what traditionally would be the “living room” in a house.  Today, Abe moved his office upstairs into our spare bedroom so that he could have a door and be able to shut it when he needs to work and H is insane.  It’s funny because I work from home a lot, like 2 x per week (while H is not in the house), but if H even sees Abe sit at his desk he just runs over to him demanding he sit on his lap and that can get ugly real fast especially during IT emergencies.  There are a lot of demands from H these days.  Anyhow, so now the Big office is all mine and it looks so much nicer and all around better.  There isn’t any more Stuff crowding the floor.  I can’t stand clutter, so I’m really happy about this change.  And the room is finally baby proofed completely. I can’t tell you how many times H just plucked a screw driver from Abe’s desk or tried to climb on top of his guitar amp or almost hit his head on the corner of Abe’s desk while running by.  Those days are over.

The fruit flies still exist.  I think I found the source, and I don’t even want to talk about it past that – it makes me dry heave.  I set another trap, so I’ll give it another day before really going nuts, but I think it’s working very slowly.  First the vinegar trap was doing better, then the wine trap, and now the vinegar is winning again.  But really, how can fruit flies out smart me?? Those bastards.  I’m going to kill every single one of them.

Tonight, H ate an entire apple.  You think like no big deal, but an apple is actually bigger than his stomach and After he ate a light dinner, drank milk, and a juice, he just bit right into an apple and never stopped.  Without food allergies, his body would probably be shaped like a bowling ball.  Today, I subscribed to Allergic Living – that’s a real magazine, for people like us.  Argh.

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A Fly Invasion – I should Discipline Them Out of Here

Our TV has been broken for 2 weeks now.  At first, I missed it and then I didn’t miss it at all and then I missed it again.  One becomes a lot more productive without it, I don’t think anyone can argue about that one.  H still gets to watch a few of his shows on PBS via his iPad, so he’s completely like whatever about it.  Abe has been trying to repair it on his own by replacing a couple parts… it’s not really working out.  It’s like, do we go out and buy a new tv and spend a lot of money so we can sit on the couch and be unproductive people?  Or do we just not spend any money, miss out of football season, and have more time to… do work at night/clean the kitchen/bake?  It’s under debate.  Why can’t we have both? – we’re just not those people with self control.

We have a serious fly problem in the house.  A month ago it was a cluster fly problem – and if you don’t have this infestation, you never want to have it.  It’s the second time we’ve had it since we have lived in this house, so it has something to do with this place.  The flies are not outside flies, they are inside flies.  They fly in groups, and where there is 1 there will be a bunch of fat stupid flies that are actually pretty easy to kill.  I am pretty sure I killed 45 of them, and I’m not exaggerating, and I have never been so obsessed with killing bugs.  Towards the end of it all, I would roll up a tiny magazine and give one to H and we’d run around the house killing bugs at night.  He was really good at alerting me of a fly by yelling, “BUG!!” and pointing.  That problem took care of itself (by me killing them off), and now we have a serious fruit fly problem.  I think maybe some eggs came in on fruit from the store, and then they hatched and then went crazy with the mass amounts of fruit that I always have for H.  There are always bananas on the counter.  Anyhow, my fly killing obsession is back.  There are currently 3 traps set for these assholes right now.  2 different red wine traps and an apple vinegar trap.  If there are any flies left in the house tomorrow, I might lose it.  We also have a wasp problem outside, but that’s something that I’m not going to try and fix myself.  I think that I’ll let the seasons and weather changed take care of them this year, but we have like 10 nests on or around the house and that’s just not Ok.

I have been putting a lot of thought into the kitchen set that I want to get for H.  After a few weeks, I decided that I want to wait until Christmas.  I feel that if he gets it now, it won’t be as fun or as exciting.  We spoil him completely, but I really don’t want him to get used to receiving really big gifts like that all during the year for no reason now that he’s almost old enough to understand these things.  Plus, we really don’t need it until the weather gets too cold to play outside.  It gives me time to keep looking for a used wooden set or wait for a good sale too.

I’ve been reading the Discipline book by Dr. Sears…. and it’s EYE opening.  I also read another book by him, and referenced his website a whole lot when H was a newborn.  At this point, I can say that I don’t believe in all of his methods – but there are still a lot of good ideas/tips/insight/examples/personal experiences that are worth reading in this book.  I’ve actually tested a couple things that have worked really well, and you’d probably think that they’re so obvious but they’re not.  Parents have so many choices on how to respond or react to their kids.  The other day, H was obsessing over this huge pepper grinder that we have.  It’s really big, not a toy, and there was really no need for him to be playing with it but when I tried to take it away he started to lose it and scream.  An example in the book states that you should not just take something away from your child because it’s rude (adults don’t just grab things away from other adults), you should distract them or persuade them away from it effectively.  Like not be like: oh here’s an ice cream cone instead of that pepper shaker.  But instead find something else reasonable that he may also have interest in.  I asked him if he wanted to go wash his hands (it’s like his new favorite thing), so he put the pepper shaker down and ran to the bathroom.  That’s one example of a method of discipline that I had never really considered A. to be discipline, or B. to be truly effective.  There was a plethora of other failures that day, but 1 win was nice.

Tomorrow is a really big day for the bear – annual allergy testing.  Fingers Crossed that maybe we’ll walk away with 1 or 2 less food allergies!  It will be a very very long day at the Allergist office…

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Quick Conversations

Actual conversations with the bear:

Me: H do you have a poop in your pants?
H: Yeah.   (he did)

Me: Do you have a poop in your pants?
H: No.  (he did)

Abe: H how was your day?
H: Mamma Dadda Nana Papa
Abe: Oh really?

Me: What do you want for breakfast today?
Me: Do you want an apple?
H: Yeah.

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Getting Bigger Each Day

In two weeks, H begins his transition from the “First Steps” classroom into the “Young Toddler” classroom at school.  This will be his third room at school as he ages out of each one.  When he moved from Infant into First Steps, the biggest transition was that they had a set naptime and at a certain age they napped on mats.  He actually did very well with that, which was a major surprise.  When he moves into Young Toddler, they will begin to assist in potty training if the kids are interested and they supply snacks at snack time (not really for H because of all of his allergies) so it’s more of a standardized classroom event.  Infant and First Steps also shared teachers and helpers during certain hours, so he won’t see his favorite helper anymore and there will be new to us teachers (omg, I have anxiety just thinking about it) but luckily his BFF is also our favorite babysitter so at least we have that.

This might sound like crazy or over the top, but I’d really like to find a parenting class.  I think that H is a mostly normal kid, but he’s very strong willed and I just don’t want to turn into that parent that deals with insanity on a daily basis and then makes it worse by unknowingly doing stupid things because like how would I know – I’ve only ever been a parent to a guinea pig and a dog and the guinea pig died and the dog was nuts.  It’s like up until recently, we took care of H, and now suddenly that he’s a true toddler we need to parent him too.  When we speak to him, he mostly understands.  When he hits me, he knows that it’s wrong and he does it anyway and laughs.  When he gets frustrated he lashes out by hitting, or throwing his body on the ground or by head butting the floor.  I don’t even know if that’s normal… I just know that it’s not really a good thing to head butt the floor.  So then I Google parenting classes and pretty much the only thing that I could even find was for court mandated classes – am I the only person that fears being a parent??  It made me feel even more stupid.  This is really stressing me out.

Also – the penis itchiness is back with H.  No idea WTF it is.  There’s like nothing there.  We’re at a total loss at what to do about this mystery Something that’s been driving H crazy for months now and it’s absolutely Not exploration, there really is something happening.  Today, I’m trying Triple Paste.  It seems to be helping actually, but is it normal to only get diaper rash like right on a penis?  Google tells me no.  I have tried almost every diaper cream on the market, and almost ever diaper.

Based on my recent diaper research, I can say this:

  • Seventh Generation is too rough in texture.  I felt that they are Ok but not as comfortable for H as others are.  I really liked the wider velcro though.  I used these when he was like a little baby and really liked them then when he was moving around less.
  • Huggies Dry Fit are weird.  I don’t feel they’re really like “Dry” fit, and I don’t like the thinner velcro.  They fit H’s body pretty well though.  I could really take them or leave them.
  • Honest diapers are really nice (and expensive).  They are very soft, and they hold pee just as well as any other diapers I’ve seen. They fit is tough though, probably better for bigger/taller babies or we’re right in the middle of two sizes.  H is really compact, so the back goes up a bit higher than I’d like and the leg openings are slightly bigger than I’d like as well – however, we use them because I feel they are good for his skin and chafe the least.
  • Kirkland (Costco) diapers are still my favorite for H.  They fit his body like a glove, and they absorb just as well as any other diapers and they are relatively cheap.  It annoys me that I actually need to go to the store to buy them because I feel like I am there like every other week buying a box.  We still go through a ton of diapers!

So at the moment I’m using Honest and Kirkland.  On the upside of this adventure, I think that H will be on the easier side to potty train.  When I let him roam around naked, he’s started to give me indication before he pees – but he also tries to touch his pee stream, so like whatever!

Also, just recently in the last two weeks or so I noticed that H is gravitating towards things that I would consider to be for Older toddlers.  He now likes the PBS show, “Caillou”, which is about a boy who’s 4 years old.  I know, WTF kind of name is Caillou?  I don’t know, that alone made me not want to watch it, but it’s actually pretty good.  At school the other day he played hockey, like with a stick, and he was apparently very good at it.  Everyone told me about it for days, how well he did with the coordination and everything.  Today, his crib was lowered to the lowest tier.  The only think keeping him in the crib was that his sleep sack restricts his legs, but it was only a matter of time before we would have heard him hit the hardwood floor some morning.  Also today, we had a 10 minute conversation on the phone.  Like, I was talking and he was “talking” but it was a two-way conversation that went on and on as opposed to him looking at the phone all confused like he would have 5 months ago.  Anyway, time is flying and I have no idea how to handle anything!

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