Swimming Lessons and Table Manners

H recently began his second session of swimming lessons.  His first session was just about 1 year ago, so it has been a long time in between (which they do not recommend doing).

The first class back after such a long break was a total disaster.  He spent 15 minutes of his 30 minute class pointing to the stairs and yelling “that way!” and obviously was very distressed about being in the pool.  The second class, Abe wasn’t there for the first half of the class and then watched from a distance for the second half of the class.  I’m not sure if it was because H was more used to the situation or if it was because he couldn’t see daddy, but he did so much better.  He really tried and did very well.  The third class, he was like a fish.  At one point he told me to let go because he thought he could swim on his own.  He really was doing a great job kicking his legs, but I knew he’d just sink without my help so I let him go under water a few times but that was it.  He really loved it and didn’t want to get out.  The progress he’s making is really great, and I would like to keep it going if we can.

Typically during swim class or the beach or whatever, we will use whatever swim diaper I can find at the store – Huggies or Pampers and they work just fine.  Note: swim diapers only purpose is to hold a #2 and not weigh your kid down too much.  I just happened to come across the Honest re-useable swim diaper at Buy Buy Baby the other day and gave it a shot since I had a coupon in hand ($14 retail).  Result: Love It.  I wouldn’t say that I don’t care about the environment, but my life requires the fastest/easiest methods for this kind of stuff.  It was soft, light, way more comfortable for H than the disposable diapers, held no water, and was easy to get on and off.  I highly recommend it.  My links don’t work for some reason, but they come in a variety of cute patterns and you can get them directly at Honest or at Buy Buy Baby like I did if you’re interested in this sort of thing.

honest swim diaper

I don’t really know what summer holds when we’ll have a newborn and a toddler, but I hope that H can still get to go swimming quite a bit.

We’ve also made some serious progress with H’s meal times.  He used to eat in a lobster seat attached to the counter with an iPad in front of his face.  This worked really well at first when he would just like zone out and I could shove food in his mouth.  After a while though it wasn’t ideal, and he got almost too heavy for the lobster seat/our crappy counter.  We thought that we could get him to transition to sitting at a little table instead, so we got him a little picnic table.  I wouldn’t say it was a failure, but it really wasn’t working well and it was just really uncomfortable to sit there with him because of course he didn’t want to sit there by himself.  So then I took him back into the dining room and sat him in his old Boon high chair, and we’d eat together at the table.  This worked OK… and then suddenly he stopped wanting to sit in that seat, and wanted to sit on me instead when I was like 3 bites into a meal.  That is really annoying.  One day I asked him if he wanted to sit in a big kid seat, and he said yes, and he’s been sitting/kneeling in a normal chair ever since.  The downside is that he often gets down and runs away and then comes back.  But the upside is that we are all eating in the dining room without the TV or an iPad.  Meals are a lot quicker now, but that’s not really a bad thing.

Easter is coming… I don’t think we’ll be visiting the bunny at the mall –> nightmares FOREVER.

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29 Weeks and 5 Days

29 weeks and 5 days_front

29 Weeks and 5 Days

29 weeks and 5 days_side

29 Weeks and 5 Days










42 1/2″ around… it grew a lot this week, which seems IMPOSSIBLE.  My body might just explode.

I’m so uncomfortable.  I can feel my stomach expanding, moving around hurts, and I have pinched nerves all over my lower back area and butt.  Crossing my legs is hard.  You would think I was already 9 months pregnant just by looking at me – seriously.  I feel it too, like I’m ready to give birth.  I regularly feel like the baby is going to fall out too.  That’s not pleasant.  I didn’t even bother try to get back in shape after H, but this time I would like to Try and get my stomach muscle tone back if they will go back after being so stretched out – more to come on that one!  I should get a trainer for real.

We MIGHT have some movement on the name front.  We had a name, but then we found a name that we like a bit better which we actually agree more on.  It was originally on H’s list a few years ago and suddenly made a reappearance.  We’ll see if it makes it to the end though.

The baby room still hasn’t been painted or furnished or anything, but we have the paint and the furniture so it’s not as bad as it seems.  I even have prints to hang on the walls with frames and a rug on the way.  Things are progressing there, just not in a way that you can see.  We’re trying to push forward on a kitchen upgrade simultaneously as well, which sounds like something only insane people do, but that’s pretty much us.

We had a baby visit last weekend, and H was really into the baby.  At one point he laughed and said “baby crazy!” He was always really interested to see what she was doing and didn’t mind when Mom or Dad held her either.  We were pretty surprised at his level of interest.

Today I tried out MAC Russian Red lipstick (matte).  This so far is my least favorite – it has a bit too much orange for my liking.  I don’t think that the pictures with apparently really favorable lighting accurately show the level of orange going on but much like Ruby Woo the staying power is amazing and was almost hard to get off.  Maybe my blue shirt makes it look less… sophisticated, like too much is going on maybe.  Overall, I don’t think this one works for me.

laura_mac russian red 2

Mac Russian Red

laura_mac russian red

Mac Russian Red





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Pancakes and Shiny Things

I’m feeling rather horrible about myself lately.  I’m just so fucking huge, and I cannot stop thinking about food and then I feel really guilty that all I want to do is eat and nap.  Every single day I think about pancakes.  I find myself thinking about things in combination like pancakes and cheeseburgers, and expensive jewelry for some reason – probably because I like to buy stuff when I’m unhappy and jewelry happens to be my favorite thing.  Maybe there is a place out there that serves big fluffy pancakes with a side of Cartier.  I should invent that or just like something that involves big decedent meals and shopping in the same location so you don’t have to actually walk around.

The checkout lady at Target today, “are you due soon?”  Um, I’m due at the end of May but yeah I know, I’m just gigantic.  She called my belly a basketball.  And then she proceeded to make lots of really unnecessary and annoying small talk after insulting me.  Like, I don’t care that her cereal stays fresher in the containers that I was buying or that she meets a lot of pregnancy people at work… nobody cares lady, especially not this person.

Today, I also set out on the most annoying mission ever.  Let me back up a second.  H was invited to a birthday party tomorrow for twins at his school, and I frequently talk to their mom who is super nice and probably the only mom who has bothered to say anything beyond Hi to us.  So he get the invitation a couple weeks ago, and then on Monday I ask the mom what kind of things the ladies are into these days and she saved a few ideas in case anyone asked – Melissa and Doug Princess Crayons and just plain paper to color on.  So that’s like really specific, but then it got more specific: each girl needs to get the same thing whatever that may be or there will be a fight, and it would be best if it’s not too big because their slightly older brother will get super jealous if they have more crayons or whatever than he does and there will be another fight.  It was a 3 sentence email that explained so much about having 3 kids.  Anyhow, so I quickly order 2 sets of princess crayons and 2 plain drawing pads from Amazon on Monday, and tell her that is what I got them.  On Wednesday the package arrives, but there is only 1 set of crayons in there, the other set was shipped separately for some idiot reason… but it was in transit.  So then come today, I’m in a total freaking panic because I cannot show up to this party with only 1 set of crayons for twins, I Just Can’t.  Later I find out that the package was damaged in the mail and was sent back to the sender anyhow.  So I do what any well adjusted human being would do: I freak out!  I went to: Michaels, Buy Buy Baby, Target, Babies R Us / Kids R Us, CVS, and then I got home and called a local toy shop.  Nobody had these crayons.  Finally at the end of my rope, I call another local toy shop in a nearby town, and thankfully they had them.  I should elaborate and say that these crayons are like $4.  The biggest $4 headache EVER.  I think that this is what the next 10 years is going to be like though, just constant fire drills over silly things.

Also, last night H was up from 8:30-10:45 and then up from 2:00-2:30am. He was just like really wide awake.  He was whispering to me between his crib bars, like he’d be like: “mama, hi… mama what is that?… mama diaper… mama mama mama” whatever, it was only cute because he has figured out whispering at night.  Somewhere around 10:30, he decided to stand up and take his little lion and make him walk around the rails of his crib while mom pretended to be asleep in his glider.  I watched – it was really cute, I’ve never really seen him play with his lion before.  Then thankfully he went to sleep soon after that for a while, then dad was doing god knows while mom was trying to sleep, and then H was up again later, and then dad’s alarm went off super early.  Mama is tired and annoyed with every single creature here.  I’m sure if we still had the dog, I would also be annoyed with her.

Thank God for Friday.

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28 Weeks and 4 Days

28 weeks and 4 days

Baby 2 : 28 Weeks and 4 Days

Baby 1 : 28 Weeks and 4 Days

Baby 1 : 28 Weeks and 4 Days










My bump is much bigger with Baby 2, like it’s projecting forward like one would not believe.  I am amazed every time I look at it.  This baby is also non stop kicking me.  H used to be very active at lunchtime and then in the evening.  This kid is active All the time.  I’m worried he doesn’t sleep, which means he just doesn’t like to sleep, which means he won’t sleep when he gets here – that’s like an actual fear.

I’m currently 41″ around.  The winter coat will no longer close, and at least 5 people have commented on my size this week already.  Like not strangers either, like people I know.  I’m so big that my maternity swim suit from last time is too small, it is a tankini and does not fully cover my belly and last time it totally did.

Last week, my boots wouldn’t zip up.  Yesterday, I wore tights and a dress for the first time all winter and I didn’t recognize my legs.  I am starting to retain water I guess?  Or my legs just look and feel big when they are usually pretty normal.  My face hasn’t puffed up yet though, which I’m thankful for (last time my face got really big) and I can still wear my rings so my hands seem fine too.

I’m not feeling great overall.  Last week was the worst week I’ve had in a long time.  My energy level was like -100 and I had a lot of stomach aches and headaches and body aches.  My doctor told me to take Zantac daily and I should feel better.  She thought that food was getting stuck and just not digesting well.  Even cooking dinner was a major major task and some nights it just didn’t even happen.  This week seems a bit better.  I’m exhausted, and feeling a lot of pelvic pain especially after sitting for too long.  My lower back is bothering me a lot in bed but like so it feels like the alignment is all off, not like muscular or anything.  I’m also not sleeping well.  I wake up at least 2 x each night and sometimes I’m up from 4am-on or something outrageous.

My current favorite dessert: 1 scoop of vanilla bean ice cream with 2 oreos crumbled on top (the Zantac is really helping).  I don’t even like ice cream.  In my non-pregnancy life, I would never ever choose to eat ice cream over something else like a brownie or a cookie or a piece of cake.  My sweet tooth is so crazy right now.

I’m still experimenting with red lipsticks… and I’m still not super comfortable with it.  Today is MAC Ruby Woo – which apparently is like their most popular red color, and instantly I was like: people here in Boston do not wear this color in public.  They just don’t, this is not LA.  It looks really nice in photos (the staying power is also Super Impressive), but if I were to show up Anywhere else like this, people would stare at my clown face for sure.  And if I were to wear this to a meeting or something – like forget it, the world would not take THIS seriously.

laura ruby woo

Ruby Woo

laura ruby woo 2

Ruby Woo









Don’t worry, I have a couple more shades of red to test out.  The perfect one for me has to be out there right?  Or maybe I’ll just get more comfortable with seeing something so dramatic on my face…

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Third Trimester – Holy Cow

The third trimester has arrived over here.  That statement set of a flurry of motion over the weekend: the nursery furniture has been ordered and will be here this week, which is way faster than we had it for baby H.  His furniture was ordered early but didn’t arrive until about 2 weeks before he arrived.

We went a different route this time for the crib and dresser.  H’s crib is a convertible crib (toddler bed, then full sized bed), but it was also far too high for me.  I didn’t realize that cribs came in various heights, I seriously thought there was just like a standard because they were all just tall.  Turns out, it’s possible to find lower to the ground cribs for shorties like me (I’m 5’2″).  I was 2 seconds away from buying a crib on Pottery Barn Kids because it was marketed to short people and called “low profile” and it was on sale. The conversion kit has to be purchased separately though and there was an extra fee for “handling” which is obnoxious.  The only reason I didn’t buy it was because it was only convertible to a toddler bed and not a full sized bed too.  For less money (but still costly enough that I felt like it would be well made), I found another nice looking crib at the same lower height, that also only converted to a toddler bed but the toddler bed rail came with the crib, so really it was a Lot less money and just as nice looking with excellent reviews – crib by Babyletto from Amazon.  I was also 2 seconds away from buying a small dresser from PB Kids, but I paused when I saw a $100 delivery fee.  The wall space in the new baby room is a bit limited because it’s a small room with a lot of windows.  I found a dresser that looked pretty much exactly the same at Target with the same measurements, also with excellent reviews and hardwood, and 1/2 the price of PB Kids.  Both the crib and the dresser will be here this week as opposed to waiting like 16 weeks for delivery where we got H’s bedroom set – not that I think the baby is coming asap or anything, but it’s good to get things settled.

baby cribbaby dresserWe’re really not like bargain hunters or anything due to laziness and time constraints, but we just knew that we wanted to try a different direction from H’s bedroom.  His set is from a local children’s furniture place that a lot of people really raved about, and it was well made but also really expensive and the crib height was a problem that wasn’t realized until he was about 4-5 months and the mattress went down a level.  I had to use a little step stool in order to put him down in his crib without waking him and it was a huge pain in the ass.  As he got a little older, I had to lean my entire body on the rail in order to slowly lower him in there – I almost fell in many times.  The good news is that it is very sturdy…

Baby H had a couple of bad nights of sleeping last week – Wed and Thurs, and at the time I couldn’t figure out why.  Fast forward to last night, and I’m brushing his teeth as he’s yelling at me and it turns out that he’s getting a molar.  I saw a tiny white tip poking through, and I wasn’t able to get  really good look so there could be more than 1 but I think that is probably why he was waking last week.  The good news is that I know how to handle it if he has discomfort in the coming weeks, the bad news is that teething is the pits.  He’s really sensitive towards it.

Because I was so effing tired over the weekend from lack of sleep, I fell down the stairs holding H.  It was only the last 4 steps of the carpeted stairs, so it wasn’t Super bad.  My foot just slipped out from under me somehow, and I landed flat on my back with stair corners going right into the center of my back – and H landed mostly on top of me.  I was like in silent screaming pain, and didn’t get up right away, and so H started to have a mental breakdown because he was scared but OK.  I’m still hurting from this incident.  The baby seems fine, he’s been moving and kicking ever since just like he normally is.  This event also reminds me that I’m getting older and that my body just doesn’t heal and bounce back the way that it used to.

H quickly recovered from our fall, and on Sunday we went to the Boston Children’s Museum with friends and he probably had the best day out in public that he’s had in 3 months.  There were only a couple super minor fits, but overall he was a really good boy and truly enjoyed everything in the museum.  He even sat in a bakery/restaurant and ate lunch without losing his shit when we were done – we had been avoiding restaurants because the last couple of times were BAD.  He’s refusing the high chair and the booster seat.  Then he even made it through Whole Foods without incident, he just wanted to help push the cart.

harrison talking on phone_museumIn case anyone was wondering, H has not hit me since I had the behavioral consult at his school so I haven’t really been able to address that with him… but we have been working on giving him choices (which works well) and giving advance notice of things (continues to work well).

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26 weeks and 6 days

26 weeks and 6 days_front 26 weeks and 6 days_sideI’m really close to my third trimester and I am starting to really feel it – I don’t know why I look so tan in these pictures, but Why Yes, I’m wearing red lipstick.  Pelvic pain started this week – it’s different than last time but still unpleasant and annoying.  More desire to eat has started too.  Sometimes I’m just sitting around thinking about cheeseburgers and french fries.  I’m willing to cave to certain things, but I’m also trying to drink green juices that I make in my new Nutribullet so that I can still get some good stuff.  H and I split a “smoodie” for breakfast this morning.  He’s always stealing it and then like spitting raspberry seeds back into it, GAH.  Today’s “smoodie”: kale, pineapple, raspberries, strawberries, banana, water. I get a lot of stomach aches now though.  It seems like a lot of things give me a stomach ache like really random stuff, which sort of takes the fun out of it.  I also MIGHT be getting stretch marks… it’s hard to tell, like I think I might see the faint beginnings of some but it looks to be early.  I’ve been coating on the creams ever since.  Ah well, I’ve come to like one-piece swim suits.

I’m totally exhausted still, but have somehow learned to live and function on less good sleep.  Part of that is adjusting to Abe’s new work schedule – we both get up earlier now, so we’re like zombies by 9pm.  What day is it even?  We never really know.

We have the nursery furniture picked out, so we’re a tiny step closer to actually having it in hand.  We’re not much closer on a name or on emptying out what will be the new baby nursery, but those things will happen eventually.

Not much else to report.  I was troubled when I stepped on the scale this morning, but overall I think I’m still doing better than last time around!

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Parenting 201

Yesterday, I had a “behavior consult” at H’s school to address some issues that we’ve been having at home.  The background as to how this came about is totally ridiculous – the school director heard from another employee that I came in to pick up H one day because he was sick right after my gender reveal ultrasound, and I was crying over having another boy…. Yes, that happened, but I don’t think it’s unusual or like intervention causing by any means.  So the director offered to sit down and put together an action plan to tackle any behaviors that H is having at home that could be better.  He’s really good at school, but is different at home with me.  I brought a list of 4 specific items to talk about: hitting/throwing, potty training, pulling back on TV, when H gets MAD.  The director told me: 1.  if I dedicated 2 weeks to correcting behaviors every single time they happened, I will see a change.  and 2. kids want adults to be in charge, they are looking for someone to set very clear boundaries for them.

The biggest item on the list is Hitting – mainly, he’s hitting me a lot and not really anyone else.  Like with his hands or with objects.  Sometimes he throws things at me – like utensils.  I want to take care of this before a baby enters the picture.   I think that the reasons for him doing these things vary.  He gets mad, frustrated, annoyed, etc. a lot but sometimes he just does it.  We were watching Frozen the other day, and there is this one scene where people are battling a huge snow monster (with swords) and immediately he jumped off the couch and ran to find something to hit me with.  So I finally figured out where he learned that from – thank you Frozen for all that you have given me… so I took away his sword, and his bat, and his super hard hockey stick, because they all serve the same purpose – to hit mom with (Note: these were all gifts, please no more toys like that! OMG).  The advice that I was given here is when he hits me with his hands, I should hold his hands together in front of him firmly so he can’t wiggle away, bend down to his level and say something along the lines of “H, we do not hit in this house.” and continue to hold his hands for about 10 seconds, then slowly turn him away from me and release him and walk away so that I’m dismissing him.  He will likely come back at me, so I should do it again, and eventually he will understand that is not acceptable behavior.  If after 2 weeks, it’s not progressing, we can look at time-outs in a safe gated area but that’s another discussion because they don’t always work well.

Potty Training is something that I’ve been thinking about just in general – should we push to potty train before the baby arrives or say screw it and wait until after.  The director strongly suggested that we wait until the summer.  Her reason was that he’s not showing a great interest, he’s Just now starting to show some interest, but also he really lacks the vocabulary to communicate around the potty situation.  So we’ll revisit this in June/July when he’s 2 1/2.  I don’t mind having two kids in diapers.

H loves TV.  I don’t really have a problem with him watching TV because I feel like a majority of the week, he’s at school where there is no TV and he spends all of his time learning and developing.  He was sort of into things like Arthur and Curious George for a while, but never like a couch potato.  Then he got sick in January and was sick for like 3 weeks so I let him watch TV like no tomorrow because he was a miserable lump on a log and he was happy laying on me and watching his shows.  Then he got better… and he still wanted to watch Frozen 4 x a day or Caillou like 4 x a day (Caillou is so fucking annoying btw) so pulling back on it is a challenge.  The advice was: hide the remotes, distract with something more fun or interesting or allow a certain amount of time and then when xyz happens (when this show is over, or when you see letters on the screen or when the timer beeps) then we go play with play-doh or whatever.

H is a super emotional kid.  He gets super super happy and excited, and he also gets super duper mad and angry.  He shows lots of empathy for when mommy gets hurt, he likes to kiss boo boos and hug mom and stuff which is good, but he also knows how to push buttons.  When he gets mad he makes a super angry face and points at me and yells “NO MAMA!” and folds his arms or stomps or all three.  This usually leads to hitting me.  The advice for this: try to distract before it escalates, don’t feed into his anger and if there’s really no reason for his outburst just stay steady and don’t show any signs of annoyance or emotion.  Sometimes it’s also Ok to validate his feelings, and I can try talking through why he’s mad and that it’s OK that he’s upset and offer a hug.  Currently, I’ve been validating his feelings quite a bit and it usually does work pretty well – but when it doesn’t work, it Really doesn’t work.

Outside of the topics that I brought with me, some other issues/advice that was given: Giving Choices and Giving Warning.  Apparently age 2 is a prime age for offering kids choices, especially in situations where they are not keen on being cooperative.  They love making decisions.  Do you want to brush your teeth with the blue tooth brush or the red tooth brush? etc.  This morning, H didn’t want to put his shoes on to go to school so I said, “do you want to put on your blue shoes or your snow boots today?”  He immediately ran over and put on his snow boots.  I had to change his shoes once we got to school, but it worked enough to get us out the door without tears.  We do try to give him choices often, but we could use this to our advantage Far Far more.  You can actually see him perk up and get a little giddy at the idea of making a big kid choice.  Giving Warning – like before something is going to happen came up too.  So every single night, we read a bunch of books.  Usually 2 truck books, a George book, and a Caillou book or whatever, but we always end it with the animal book and I always am very clear and state “after the animal book, it’s time to go to sleep” and then we stick with it.  So the second part of it is following through.  This has worked well for his bedtime routine, but we don’t do too much of it outside of that, and we should use this a lot more – the key is follow through though.  I find myself giving warning quite a bit, but often not following through, so we both really need to work on that.

So that was long, and we have a lot to work on, but I’m checking back in on this in 2 weeks… wish me luck.

mad harrison

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Baby 2 : 25 Weeks and 4 Days

25 weeks 4 days_side SM

Baby 1 : 25 Weeks and 4 Days

24 weeks and 4 days_side

Baby 2 : 25 Weeks and 4 Days












Baby #1: I was 37″ around at this point
Baby #2: I am 39″ around
I can really see and feel the difference too.  My bump feels so effing big.  Like impossibly huge for someone only 6 months pregnant.

I’m so exhausted right now, I’m feeling a little murderous.  H had a really difficult time adjusting back to his normal bedtime routine during and after his illness so he was just like not going down easy and waking up a lot for over a week.  There were a few days were I was up for the day at 2:30am holding my stuffed up child while he slept upright on me.  This pregnancy is just exhausting in general though: working, chasing H, being a functioning human being, etc.  There certainly is a lot less down time and 95% of the day, I feel like I’m running on empty.  I’ve come to the point where even preparing dinner is a momentous task that just can’t be accomplished some nights.

Recently I went in to see the OB and I clearly remember stating “this baby doesn’t seem to move very much and when it does, it’s hardly at all compared to my first baby”.  I would love to take that comment back.  Baby #2 has been kicking the shit out of me for the past 5 days.  All hours of the day!  I’ve also not been feeling that great (my stomach is hurting a lot, ugh), so it’s putting me in a pretty sour mood.  The other day, Baby #2 and H kicked each other at the same time somehow through me – that felt pretty awful.  Already they are fighting or fighting for my attention.

H had his 2 year checkup on Friday where the doctor discovered that his right ear never resolved the infection, so he was put on another antibiotic. Overall, H is healthy though – 37th percentile in height and 10th percentile in weight.  He’s a small guy with a giant personality.  Yesterday, after I picked him up from school and we pulled into the driveway and he yelled, “Careful!”.  I don’t even know where he gets this stuff.

We’re also trying to work on H’s hitting.  He hits a lot and he’s starting to throw things too.  Yesterday, he had an incident report at school because he threw a play fork at another kid.  He’s like the king of incident reports…  I’m going to speak with the school director next week to try and formulate a plan to put an end to this kind of unsavory behavior.  I feel like I can somewhat manage it at home by talking him out of things, but it doesn’t always work – and he hits me more than anyone else.  I’ve read books, but I think that formulating a plan with someone who actually knows my kid will be more helpful.  I’ve dug deep and found more patience than I thought I ever had, but toddlers are tough.  They are always changing – like daily.  My brain is not fluid enough to predict these changes either.  However, today I witnessed a kid having a nuclear meltdown in the supermarket – like screaming and crying, and the mother just calmly kept doing whatever she was doing.  1. I was so happy it wasn’t H and me, and 2. I don’t think I’d be able to calmly tackle my shopping list with that situation going on. This is the second time I’ve witnessed this in only the past week, and both times the moms were really chill about it – I need more chillness I think.

I’m taking tomorrow off – I doubt that I’ll discover more chillness in 1 day, but I’m going to try.

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Chop Chop

laura hair 2 12 2015I cut off all my hair yesterday… don’t mind the lopsided angle, it’s actually the same length on both sides.

It was one of those total FREAK OUT moments where I just hated my hair because it truly changed so much since my first pregnancy that I just wanted to start fresh.  Everything is different about it these days: the color is lighter, the texture is not as silky smooth, it’s easily damaged and damaged looking, and it’s a whole lot of blah.  I’m a lot happier with less of it.  This is probably the shortest it’s been in over 10 years, and I thought it would be harder to let go of something that felt that I needed so much.  I felt like I used my hair to hide behind or whatever, and now I’m just like Eff It.  Like who the Eff cares?!  After I give birth to baby #2 (who is only 3 months away BTW), I’m going to get some highlights too.  This is not wild and crazy to most people, but for me, it’s like a big thing.  I just hate sitting there getting my hair done for so long and so frequently, but I think sometimes change is important and feeling good about oneself is even more important.

Also, last night I realized that the baby is going to be here pretty soon so I better start preparing or something.  There is a Pottery Barn Kids Friends and Family Sale going on today, so I ordered the curtains and the mobile that go with the bedding that we already have.  We still need to paint the room, get furniture, a diaper pail, a changing pad, a rug, a sound machine, and a monitor and I feel like those basics will be enough to get by or like say we’re basically done.  We somewhat have a name.  It’s not truly final, but we have 1 name that we both like at this moment in time – which is pretty huge considering we couldn’t decide on baby H’s name until the day we left the hospital.  Things are sort of progressing…

Little H is driving us INSANE right now.  He’s been sick in some way or another for like 4 weeks.  It was a cold, then a double ear infection with bronchiolitis, then his cold never went away, and it’s still here really.  Last night, he woke up like 4 times.  I was up with that dude from 1:30-3:30am.  He was sleeping on me, like upright so he could breath out of his nose, but if I laid him down he’d get all stuffed again and would like wake up and freak the Eff out.  Nights are bad.  I heard there is a 2 year sleep regression too, which I think we’re totally experiencing.  He resists bedtime, and he used to be so good about just laying down and going right to sleep on his own.  Now, I put him down and he stands up and screams for like 30 minutes (it’s been like 2 weeks of this).  He will usually eventually fall asleep after that, but once in a while I’ll have to go in there and rub his back to help him nod off.  I think it’s like sleep regression and like separation anxiety maybe – he became extra attached to me after we were home together for 10 days straight during his illnesses.  Anyhow, I don’t know what to do here.  He’s driving us nuts, we’re exhausted, he’s been tired, and at this point I don’t even feel like we can leave him with a babysitter so we can go out to dinner or anything.  Like that’s how bad he is right now at night, and we really need a night out!!

I don’t even know where to go from here with H’s sleeping issues – any thoughts?

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21 Weeks, 23 Weeks, and H Bear Updates

21 Weeks and 5 Days

21 Weeks and 5 Days

23 Weeks and 5 Days

23 Weeks and 5 Days

Someone said to me like two weeks ago, “That’s going to be a BIG baby!”  Like, Fuck.  What do you even say to that?  I just get a big baby bump ok…

I lost my measuring tape in this pig stye of a house, but I can say that I don’t feel much bigger than I was a few weeks ago.  I think that my growth has slowed.  Weight gain seems OK too, which is a nice bonus (sidenote: my sweet tooth is SCARY right now, watch out.)

January was a really tough and hideous month.  H got a double ear infection on top of a cold and bronchiolitis.  He had a fever for over a week and was out of school and home with me.  Even after his fever was gone, his cold persisted – we’re going on like 3 weeks  His nose is still so stuffed that he wakes up a night because he’s snoring or like can’t breath well.  I’ve had a cold for almost 2 weeks now too – with the worst part being the terrible cough that went along with it.  I think we’ve finally turned the corner, but it was ugly.  We’ve been in pure survival mode.  We even watched Frozen for the first time and then watched it 15 times since then.  H can now sing “Let it go!!” in a hilarious little voice.

Oh, we all turned a year older too in the past 2 weeks.  H didn’t notice, Momma didn’t care, and Dad woke up on his birthday feeling ancient.  Well actually, Momma is thinking about using eye cream so like I guess I feel a bit older too.

The other day, H was home sick and he came running up to me and was like “Word Girl!” and I made him repeat himself like 15 times and finally I was like, “Oh, you want to watch Word Girl?”  and he said, “Yes. Word Girl.”  I didn’t even know A. that he’s ever seen that show before, and B. that he knew how to say either Word or Girl.  He asks for shows now Very specifically.  He’ll often be playing and doing something and then suddenly like sit up and run over and announce “Caillou!” seemingly out of nowhere, and then he wants to watch an episode.  His normal shows were: Curious George and Arthur and that’s it, and now suddenly he is asking for all these other shows… it’s weirding me out.  We’ve been caving to his TV desires lately because he was so sick for such a long time and if TV made him happy, then so be it, but now I am not sure how to pull back on it.  I really do love both Arthur and Curious George though!  The rest, I could live without.

We’re also in this really fun stage where H wants to do everything himself.  All week he’s been pouring his own milk – which is not as crazy as it sounds.  He drinks a shelf stable milk alternative that’s like 1/4 the size of a normal milk jug, but still, he generally spills each time.  If I even try to pour it without him, he’ll scream “HARRISON DO IT! MY TURN!!” and it’s like Ok fine, it’s not worth the fight.  Last night, he got home from my parents house and he unzipped his coat and took it off (then threw it on the floor).  I had no idea he knew how to do that.  Like, who is this kid??  How long have I been taking off his outerwear when he could have been doing it himself?

Newest H obsession: Soup.  He asks for soup like 3 x a day.  He wanted it for breakfast on Monday and Thursday.  I made this sweet sausage and kale soup (which is truly delicious), and he slurped that stuff right up for a couple of days and then it was gone and he refused to eat anything and I made another batch and he slurped it up again, and now he just wants soup all of the time.   It’s a win because it’s well balanced nutrition in there and he actually likes the veggies, but I can’t keep making soup and serving it nonstop, it’s just weird.  I have beef stew in the fridge for him right now, lots of it.

I’m pretty sure that the only thing keeping me sane right now is our new Nespresso machine.  I got the Pixie Bundle model and could not possibly be more in love with it.  I make myself an Americano every day – H LOVES to help with that too.  I’m not sure if he’s more obsessed with soup or coffee right now, but he’ll often say “Coffee!” and that means he wants to help me make one.  Unfortunately, he usually asks at like 7pm and I will have to say no… the crushing disappointment on his face is priceless.  On weekends when he can help make 2 coffees, Oh Man, those are good days!  Sometimes, when he’s desperate to make a coffee and one of us agrees and then picks him up, he’ll be like “YESSS!”  I am not sure where he got that, but it’s just so appropriate.  He has so much funny personality.

We’re bracing ourselves for another storm this weekend… Momma got a delivery of Nespresso pods yesterday, Daddy is stocked up on sparkling waters, and H has plenty of soup in the fridge.  We’re ready.

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