Super Fast Update On Nothing Special! Just Kidding, Lots of Moderately Special Things

I’ve been worked to the bone over here in all areas of life – my brain is about to explode, so all of my updates are super condensed for efficiency!

The Paleo eating didn’t last too long.  I love the way that I feel while doing it, but my lifestyle is really too hard to manage on it.  I don’t have time to plan meals, or plan ahead consistently.  I do like the idea of incorporating more meals like this in my life, but I can’t do it 100% of the time.  I barely make it through each day alive, I can’t be thinking about if there was dairy in that quick meal I just ate.

We got a CRV.  I’m waiting to love it, but it’s been over a week now and I would say that I feel very Just Ok about it.  When I drive it, it just feels like a Mom Mobile and it sort of crushes me… so I just embraced that feeling and stuck H’s school magnet on the back!  It was the most practical decision we have made in 5 years together, and practical is not always fun.

By a friend’s recommendation, I picked up some new skin care products to try and deal with my acne.  The line is by Dermalogica and I really love it – I use the Precleanse, Clearing Skin Wash, and Overnight Clearing Gel.  I haven’t loved a skin product in a long time, not since Kate Somerville’s Exfolikate.  My acne is still there, but way less pronounced and I’m not embarrassed to leave the house anymore, so that’s a big improvement over a couple months ago.

We’re trying to re-home our dog, and honest to God – nobody will take her.  First we tried to do it through people we knew, and friends of friends to make sure she went somewhere really good.  Then we expanded that, and now we’re contacting shelters.  Like, not even shelters will take her.  How crazy is that?  She has issues, but the main reason we need to re-home her is because of H’s allergies, so it’s not like she’s biting people or eating cats for breakfast.

I made a couple batches of Chex Muddy Buddies – you know that recipe on the side of the box that’s like: chocolate chips melted with peanut butter and powdered sugar mixed in with the cereal.  I think that I’ve probably eaten like an entire box on my own.  It is so effing addictive.  Recommendation: don’t do it or you will never stop making them and eating them.  It is not Paleo and you will get fat!  Ok maybe not the fat part, but I keep trying to threaten myself with that, and it turns out that I don’t care.

H has a sinus infection with fever.  Abe has a sinus infection.  Dog has an infected butt gland. H has itchy eczema and an incoming tooth. Abe has a foot and knee problem so he can’t walk.  Dog is smelly and rude.  Both parents are ultra stressed and tired.  That sums up the household!

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Time To Get Healthy and Stop The Madness

For a long time, I’ve been feeling like shit and I’m finally ready to try and change that.  Abe has been traveling over the past 9 days, and during his time away my diet has dramatically changed as well.


Here is a previous day of eating:
Breakfast: a Nature Valley Protein granola bar, coffee with milk and sugar.  2 more coffees with milk and sugar through the morning at work…eek
Lunch: nothing, maybe a cup or two of water.  Occassionally, I have time to grab a garden salad.
After work snack: chips or whatever I could shove in my mouth in 3 seconds while H ate his dinner.  Sometimes Swedish Fish, sometimes a handful of M&Ms, sometimes chips and salsa. Never anything healthy.
Dinner: white rice (a heaping pile) with chicken and a vegetable, or spaghetti with meatballs, or a roast, or meatloaf and rice pilaf.  Always lots of rice or noodles.

There is a lot wrong there, but it’s not like devestatingly bad.  The weekends are much worse, I can assure you. I depend on pre-packaged or fast foods a great deal!  The bottom line is that it’s just not working for me.  I’m not getting the nutrients that I need.  The calorie intake is probably fine, maybe even low on most days, but the ratio of good to bad within those calories is mostly bad.

Here is my Shiny and New day of eating (in the past 9 days):
Breakfast: coffee with less milk and less sugar (only 2 instead of 3), banana, 2% plain Greek yogurt, or a green smoothie (greek yogurt, banana, frozen berries, spinach or kale)
Lunch: leftovers – slow cooked chicken with pototos, carrots, garlic, and green beans in low sodium chicken broth, water.
Dinner: chicken and vegetables, or a big salad and chicken with quinoa and seeds sprinkled on top. Lots of water. Before bed, I now take a multivitamin too.

I’m trying to slowly move towards a Paleo diet, or mostly Paleo for a while.  Probably not forever, but for long enough that I get myself feeling pretty good on most days.  I’ve been reading Practical Paleo, which has been really useful… and practical.  It would also been really helpful for me to be able to prepare meals that H can eat too, and under the Paleo umbrella, he will be able to consume most dinners that I will make (he may not like them all but most are safe – being wheat, gluten, soy, and dairy free).  I also like that Paleo urges you to buy the highest quality meats and vegetables available to you – and this will certainly up our grocery bill, but I think it’s worth it and I’m happy to cut corners somewhere else.

We’ll see where this goes.  Week 1 has been a transition week, I’ll check back in next week to see how I’m feeling.

Mood: good
Skin: bad (acne), but showing signs of improvement
Energy Level: Decent, 7 out of 10
Overall: 7 out of 10.  Feeling a little run down, but far less bloated than usual.  Digestion seems improved.
Hoping for next week: more energy, better sleep, more positive body image, and feeling all around Good.





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The High Chair Voyage

High chairs are a pretty hot topic in the world of babies and parenting.  They are No Joke expensive, so everyone wants to know what you think of this one or that one and if it’s worth it, etc.

I started H in a Bumbo when he could mostly support himself.  He didn’t really like it and I don’t blame him.  It forced him to sit in an uncomfortable looking position where he was slightly leaning forward all the time.  He really only used this so I could cut his hair!  A couple months later I broke down and got him a real high chair, but for some reason I was resistant to the idea of spending a lot of money on something like this… I regret this feeling now.  So Listen – your child will use a high chair for a very long time.  Many times per day!  H eats like 5 x per day: breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, and sometimes and after dinner snack too.  That is like a ridiculous amount of time spent cleaning up the chair itself if your baby eats like mine does (food everywhere but in his mouth).

His first real high chair was the Evenflo Modern 200 because it was relatively inexpensive at $100 (I even used a gift card) and it got really good reviews.  Let me tell you, this chair did not work for me/H.  It was super flimsy, totally not easy to clean (fabric is not easy to clean, especially when berries are involved), and although it had wheels it was not easy to move around and it took up a lot of space even though it folded in half to store away (who does that?).  I hated it.

Then we moved on to the Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster Seat.  I would say that this is a useful item to have.  It’s super inexpensive and easy to clean when small messes are involved.  I would not recommend that people use this instead of a high chair.  A booster seat made it so that the chair underneath got annhililated over a period of 5 months, and eventually the chair got too dingy to deal with but it totally was worth $25 if not more.


After we couldn’t take the grossness of the little booster anymore, I spent a solid 2 months researching real high chairs.  I noted that several bloggers seemed to use the same ones.  The OXO Sprout seemed to be one of the favorites.  People said it was easy to clean and it sort of grew with your child.  It is really cute too, but for $250 I felt unsure about it… and there are no wheels?  At some point, I went to my local Buy Buy Baby to see if I could use a coupon for it and it was totally sold out so it didn’t matter.  My second choice was the Stokke Tripp Trapp, but after realizing that you had to buy everything in addition to the chair (the tray even!), I was put off by it – $250 without all the stuff you need.  Plus, it really doesn’t look very comfortable to me.  Their big selling point is that it grows with your child, and an adult could sit on it… but I highly doubt any adult that entered my house would ever Want to sit on it.  Like, it’s a freaking high chair. So then I came across the Boon Flair, and it looked very different from anything else that I had come across so far.  I paid around $200 for it on Amazon, so it’s still pretty expensive but I think it was worth every penny.  I am actually Happy with this high chair.  It really exceeded my expectations!  It’s Very easy to clean, and I mean  stuff just comes right off with a damp cloth and there are just no areas where crumbs could get stuck, I think the cleaning part is really the most noticeable.  It’s very durable and it feels totally solid.  It wheels around easily, and the height is adjustable.  I would give it a 9 out of 10 and I wouldn’t say that I’m very enthusiastic about many things these days.

H totally loves his new high chair.

photo(31) photo(32)

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In The Blink Of An Eye

My little bear is getting to be such a big bear.  I actually don’t really even call him Little Bear anymore, now I call him H— Bear because he’s just so grown up.  I don’t know how I feel about all this.  I want him to grow up so he can talk to me, but I just can’t believe how fast he’s growing sometimes.  I was carrying him up the stairs today and his feet kept hitting my legs and I was walking and I don’t remember him being so long before.

This week alone, he’s done so many big boy things:

  • When he walks into his room now, he goes right over to his changing pad on the floor, sits down and waits for me to turn his iPad on to a music video – he stole my iPad.  His favorite music videos are by Caspar Babypants and Yo Gabba Gabba.
  • The other day he came home wearing a baseball hat – like on his head, and he looked like a kid in kindergarten.

baseball hat

  • Tonight, after we had dinner in a restaurant with my parents, he took my hand and we walked out of there and through the parking lot – like two human beings would do.  It totally blew my mind.  I’ll never forget that moment.
  • At 14 months, he’s still taking some bottles and having a little formula – but this week he dropped a bottle and now he only has 1 left before bed.  Some babies are done with bottles right at 12 months, others take longer to wean.  For us, the bottles aren’t the hard part, it’s the weaning off the formula since there is no good substitute for him and he hates the milk substitute options.  Anyhow, that’s for another day.  I’ll be happy to be done with the bottles, those damn Dr. Brown’s bottles have too many parts to clean!
  • This week at school, he aged out of his crib and onto a sleep mat for naps.  He used to have his own crib assigned to him that I would dress with a sheet every Monday like clockwork, and there was a picture of him on it with his name and it said “I’m a flipper” so that the staff would know that he often sleeps on his stomach.  And now, that crib belongs to another younger child.  At 1:15pm the whole class takes out their mats, and they lay down on them with their blankies, and they try to take a nap together with the lights off.  Can you even imagine?  It actually happens too, I’ve seen it.
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A long update about nothing

I feel like life is so crazy these days (meaning the whole past year).  Sometimes I wonder how a month went by so quickly, and I don’t remember any of it.

Sometime around October, I decided that I wanted to quit my job and stay home sometime in 2014.  I felt a pull to stay home and take care of H, and try and mold him into a human being or something.  I was also really stressed out, and the balancing act of working full time, taking care of H and a dog and a home, plus commuting, and dealing with Abe’s work travel was just killing me.  I can’t say that it’s gotten any better, but we’re trying to work stuff out.  I’ll be working from home more often and we’ll see if that helps any, and we now have a great babysitter for when we need her.  I really find it a victory to be alive at the end of each day.

I’ve also been trying to style my hair… and in the world that I live in today, that is a monumental step at re-entering society.  Trust me, my hair actually has Lift and Body in this photo when normally it’s so flat that it sticks to my skull.  I badly need a cut too, but that’s another issue entirely! (this photo was taken at 6:20am as I waited for H to wake up… man it’s dark out).


Also, I decided to buy new sneakers because it’s been over 4 years since I have replaced my old Mizunos… my reasoning was that I wasn’t actually using them to work out.  It was long overdue!  I brought H along for the errand (bad idea).  Have you ever tried on shoes while holding a toddler?  I have and would Not recommend it!  The reason I was holding him and not having him sit in the cart/stroller like a normal child – he tried to climb out of the carriage so fast that a stranger had to intervene and help me get control of the situation.  Like he suddenly got out of the safety belt and was standing there trying to step out onto the air.  His curiosity can’t be contained.
photo 1(2)

One of two pairs of Nikes that I came home with, this being the more comfortable pair.  They really are this bright in person!  I would like to say that I will be running in these, but let’s be serious… I barely have time to shower and it’s taken me hours going back and forth just to write this blog post about nothing!  I will be wearing these to the grocery store and to take the dog to 2(3)I also got a Vitamix, so now I can make delicious smoothies at home – and it might be one of the best appliance upgrades ever.  A blender is Not just a blender, this thing takes blended fruit and vegetables to a whole new level.  I used to have pieces of spinach in a green smoothie and now it’s just all green… and it doesn’t separate.  Besides the rice cooker, (and the Dyson) this is probably my favorite small appliance.  It helps that H likes it too.

photo 1(1)Cheers!

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Isolation and Doggie Manners

We had a pretty good day today in our household.  We went to a diner with friends this morning, like we actually got it together and got everyone out the door for breakfast without any incidents.  The diner was perfect for H and it was super cute with great food.  H is super squirmy right now, and having him behave or sit in a seat at a restaurant is close to impossible but he hung in there today – thankfully.  It was so nice to do something normal as a family – we are usually trapped in a house with a crazy baby doing chores and it can feel really isolating.

We took care of chores and snacks and naps after, and we made it through the day pretty smoothly.  I got a nap, baby got a couple naps, and dad got a nap.  I’m pretty sure the dog slept the entire day (she’s still here living with us, because it turns out that nobody wants her!  But she is behaving so that’s good at least.).

Let’s talk about this feeling of isolation for a moment…  I’m wondering if this is just us or if this is something that all parents go through.  Our baby is High Needs in the words of Dr. Sears.  He’s a very difficult and challenging kid most of the time, plus he’s a crazy little boy who needs 110% of your attention and he has lots of food allergies so we can’t just like feed him anything anywhere.  He does best when we keep him in his routine – breakfast by 7, snack at 9, morning nap, lunch at 12, afternoon nap, snack at 3, dinner at 6, tubby right after dinner, asleep at 7:30.  His routine is the same at daycare.  So as you can see, his routine limits our day.  I try to work around it, and it’s possible to squeeze in a play date or whatever, but we pay for the break in his routine somehow – either the night’s sleep won’t be very good or the next day he’ll be extra tired and crabby.  We have friends with young kids, and some of them will just take them anywhere and just do whatever and have no issues at all because those babies are Easy Peasy.  Other friends are total sticklers, and Refuse to leave the house from 1pm-3pm because that is afternoon nap and nobody messes with that.  We are kind of in the middle.  I will just try to time things around the naps so H can go in the car to sleep, that’s fine, but it can’t be for 15 minutes it’s got to be a longer errand or something.

So anyhow, is this normal?  Is this just what it’s like?  I’m glad that we found a great babysitter, so now we can take an afternoon here and there.  I’m thinking that we will probably have her over every other weekend for our own sanity.  I just don’t know how people keep up with their kids at this age, or how they keep up with their kids until they’re like 10 years old.  It’s just so exhausting.  We were tired people to begin with, like I used to take long weekend naps well before I had a baby!

I’m sure that some people are wondering about the dog. We decided to re-home her for the safety of H and the happiness of Mia. We asked her daycare staff and her dog walker buddy and so far there have been no leads. While she has been here, I think that she is actually improving which is better than the situation getting worse of course . Some days she just keeps to herself, but other days she doesn’t seem to mind H. Today she actually hung out with us a lot and was really close to H in proximity like two feet away vs the usual 10 feet. She even let him pet her supervised at least 10 times (once even on the face). She was having an extra tolerant day, and I wouldn’t expect that to become her normal behavior or anything. I’m just glad that everyone is getting along, and that’s all I can hope for right now.




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Things That I Love

I hardly blog anymore, and the reasons are pretty simple: I have no time to do anything, I have no energy to do anything, and I have nothing to talk about unless it’s to complain about something.  It all sounds so depressing!  In reality, it’s slightly less depressing, but life really is insane at the moment.  You know life is like valleys and mountains and whatever, and I’m in a deep valley at the moment – but I know that it will improve at soon.

I’ve been meaning to write a “Things That I Recently Bought That I Totally Love” post for a very long time now though, so let’s begin, and I will complain about stuff later on.

1. The Cole Haan Air Monica basic black flat.  I’m not one to spend a lot of money on shoes because I have always thought that most shoes are uncomfortable no matter the price point (I’m a sneaker girl).  I think that the shape of my foot has a lot to do with it.  This shoe is The most comfortable flat that I’ve ever owned, and I think they’ve changed my shoe outlook. I bought them on sale a few months ago at Lord & Taylor, and I sort of cringed at paying $100 for shoes but I really needed something that would be comfortable.  I do way too much walking around to have to do it in shoes that don’t work for me.  I can walk around all day in these without getting any weird blisters or foot pain, and they’re really cute.

air monica

2. La Roche-Posay Toleriane Riche moisturizer.  This is The Best winter facial moisturizer that I’ve ever used.  In the dryer months, I tend to get really rough dry patches on my face (around my eyes and nose), but do not like to use a heavy moisturizer because of my adult acne problem skin but this one is great.  Yes, it’s heavy but it works in a way that doesn’t feel weighed down or oily.  My skin is hydrated with no flaky areas, and I’m not any more broken out than usual.

la roche

3. Kimberley’s Bakeshoppe Strawberry Cream cupcakes.  I got these cupcakes at a local grocery store thinking they looked kind of nice and would be pretty good.  They blew my mind.  They were so effing good that I ate 3 out of the 4 of them in 3 days (I shared 1 with Abe).  They’re exactly what I’d want a strawberry cream cupcake to taste like!  Don’t overlook these as being standard Mehhh-grade desserts from a grocery store, these things are for real.



4. Hardwood Floors!  We moved into a house that had a lot of rugs, but we didn’t have the budget back then to do all the flooring.  There was not hardwood underneath the carpeting or anything, so we’d have to start from scratch.  We waited and waited, and got quotes for the project a bunch of times.  Finally, because of the baby’s allergies and a really good quote, we decided to go through with it for Most of our rooms (all of the bedrooms and the dining room – yes there was stupid carpet in the stupid dining room).  We are so happy with the outcome, it really looks like a totally different house.  The upstairs looks so much bigger and nicer, it’s just amazing.  It was money well spent!


And lastly, this isn’t something that I actually bought, but we finally found a babysitter that we LOVE.  She works at H’s school and she works in his current room, so he already knows and likes her.  The day went So Well!  It’s hard to explain these sorts of difficulties to people who have easy kids, but not just anyone can babysit for us even though I’d love to just accept any and all babysitting offers.  H doesn’t warm up to just anyone, and he has a routine that needs to be somewhat followed or things will sour really quickly.  The sitter already knew his routine, all his telltale signs of being tired or hungry, and he even took a nap with her here. We were in and out doing errands, but mostly organizing stuff in the house post-hardwood installation, and he was happy as a clam hanging out with her all afternoon.  She took care of his nap, his snacks, and played with him in the play room basement playing him kids music on her iphone and building towers with Legos.  We’ve never had such a happy and productive day (all of us) – here’s to more days like this.

H and juice box H and Mom





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Walking Baby!

One day after Mommy Bear’s birthday, the Little Bear took his very first steps!  We were thinking that he was close to it, but it didn’t seem like it was going to happen so suddenly.  H was really good at standing, but really showed no interest in trying to move or anything.  Then last night, we were playing in the family room on the floor and he stood up and took 3 big steps to me – out of nowhere.  I thought that maybe he was more falling into me, so I didn’t get too excited.  Around 30 minutes later he did it again, but this time took a solid 7-8 steps that were very real.  I called Abe right away to tell him about it… but someone else answered his work phone, it was weird.  So he didn’t really get to experience and celebrate the way that I did.  This moment was one of my biggest fears as a working mom that I would miss it, so I’m really beyond thrilled that I got to catch this one.  I missed the first time he crawled (he did it at daycare).  H is only sort of walking today, but he’s cruising way more than he was a few days ago even.  It seems that he’s finally figuring it all out and becoming more confident.

Another new challenge that I’m facing is that I would like to transition H from a sippy cup to a straw sippy cup.  This is SO hard.  I tried for like 20 minutes today to try and get him to suck from the straw, by using a regular straw and like training him or whatever but he just kept biting it. The reason I want to change is so 1. he can drink smoothies easier (we’re working on smoothies now that I’ve seen a nutritionist for him) and 2. to help with his speech development.  Straw cups apparently work a lot more mouth muscles and whatever so they actually help in that department…. and they hold more fluid, so a bigger smoothie! But anyhow, it’s really difficult to switch him over.  Tomorrow is a new day, I’ll try again.

Also happening these days is that he has learned to climb.  I caught him stepping on his pirate treasure chest trying to crawl onto the coffee table so he could then get onto the tv stand.  Last night, he tried to crawl out of the tub.  My dad said that he actually moves things around their house so he can step onto them in order to get onto the couch!  He REALLY loves trouble.

Now that H is 1 year old, I’ll do a brief update on his food allergies.  He’s seeing an Allergist and a nutritionist, which I would recommend to anyone else in this child food allergy situation.  We haven’t had any allergic reactions since we recognized the problem back in September with 2 ER visits.  We know what he is allergic to due to blood work, and so we avoid all of those foods: milk, soy, wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, barley, peas, and eggs.  Now that he’s 1 year old, he’s eating all solid foods (no more purees or baby food) and is transitioning off his bottle but still drinks Nutramigen formula a few times per day.  Rice milk is often mixed in with his formula if it’s in a sippy cup because that’s really the only milk alternative option that he has.  His doctors say that he is really thriving and most other kids with food allergies would love to have the same growth chart that he does.  He’s small, but he’s been consistently growing.  I struggle with meals for him, but it’s getting better.  It’s really a combination of having limited options, H being picky most days, and me wanting him to eat as much as he can so he doesn’t wake up hungry at night (that’s the worst).   Hopefully things continue to go well in this area and maybe one day he can participate in making English Muffin Pizzas at school…

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1 Full Year

Tomorrow is my little man’s First Birthday!  12 months outside of my womb: congratulations.  I can’t even believe it.  It’s certainly felt like a year, but it’s so crazy to look back at photos and remember how small and helpless he was compared to now.


Little: boy: 7 pounds

12 Months

Big Boy: 20 pounds

We’ve overcome a great deal, and I’m very happy to say that he’s a pretty well adjusted little boy these days.  He really loves to get into trouble.

Just this week he has learned to: stick his hands into the toilet water, and also how to feed the dog his dinner – directly by handing the dog piece of food, like hand into the dog’s mouth.  Thankfully, everyone has been really good and gentle.  He’s also learned to throw really serious tantrums when he isn’t getting what he wants.

He hasn’t walked yet, and he really doesn’t have many words.  I think the only words he says with real meaning are: Hi and Bye.  He can do other words here and there, but I don’t think he understands them.

A few favorite things:
TV Show: Yo Gabba Gabba (via ipad)
Toy: our TV remote control
Books: None, he doesn’t like books!
Activity: Throwing things, chasing the dog, playing chase, drinking from his sippy cup, dancing, pulling his socks off, shaking stuff, launching his body into the air
Food: allergen free pancakes or roasted sweet potatoes

Not much else going on in his little world right now.  I predict that at this time next year I’ll have myself a walking, talking, crazy little boy that I have a hard time keeping up with!  I just hope that he sleeps a little better.

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2014 Panda Resolutions

I had dreams of thinking of some good 2014 resolutions.  Normally, I am not one to make resolutions because I think that people (including myself) generally can’t stick to them.  People almost set themselves up for failure dreaming up lofty goals that are not realistic.  At this point in my life though, I need to TRY to make a greater effort so I might as well start now knowing that I don’t expect to achieve all of them.  Some of them are really small, but some of them are much bigger so I will need to sort of check in myself to see how I’m doing.  Some of them are actual resolutions while others are just small general goals.

  • Be less stressed out.  This is a HUGE one for me, and really the most important.  I spend so much time being stressed out, and I need to try and diffuse it better and feel it less somehow.  Most of my stress is at work, and then balancing home and work.  There are just not enough hours in the day – 7 days per week.
  • Get the trash and recycling sorted the night prior.  My husband laughed at me when I stated this as my first new year’s resolution, but it actually ties into me feeling less stressed.  Dealing with a morning routine with a baby, a dog, breakfast needs for seemingly a million people, getting ready, drying hair, loading the car up etc. + gathering and putting out all of the trash and recycling is a massive stressor and pain in the ass.  This one I have control over so No More!
  • Find time for myself.  We’re talking like, finding 1 hour per week for myself to do whatever I want to do – taking a bath, getting my nails done, laying in bed watching something I want to watch on TV, taking the dog on a special walk, etc.  This goes for my husband as well, or I just think it’s only fair for both of us to try and do this.  This one seems simple, but might actually be the hardest one.
  • Get more organized.  I’m scatter brained, and super disorganized now.  The house is a total disaster and reflects who we are these days.  We’ve been taking baby steps towards this already though!  We now finally have a kitchen pantry instead of piling extra food stuff on the counters like college students.  I think that I’ll always be pretty disorganized, but the least I can do is small things here and there when I can.
  • Be better to my body.  The past 4-6 months have really been like survival mode: eat whatever can be found and quick.  I will go days without eating lunch at all, and then eating only super processed dinners, and days without a vegetable, or just coffee.  Some weekends all I eat is pizza.  I don’t like the way that I feel, and I know that most of that has to do with my nutrition.  This will be baby steps, and the first parts of that for me are to drink more water and to eat more veggies.Does that feel like an unrealistic amount of change in one year?  It kind of does to me, but even if I make a few strides in those areas it will still feel like a big win.  I ate three whole meals today and drank 3 tall glasses of water, that alone was a mini-win!
    sippy 1 5 14

    H Eats Healthy!

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