5 New Pets… 5 Too Many if You Ask Me

Harrison has had a virus since Thursday causing fever, rash, and general state of misery beyond compare.  He went to the doctor on Sunday to clear any infections since he’s prone to ear infections, but we just need to wait it out.  Also, he refuses to take any medicine – alone or mixed or hidden.  It’s impossible to get it into his body, so any tips there would be welcome.  We’ve tried chocolate syrup, smoothies, sugar, apple sauce, juice, and just forcing it down his throat.  We were just saying how it’s been a long time since he was last sick (May).  Because he’s having a rough go of it or maybe just because, Abe got him a fish tank (which includes a pineapple) and 5 fish for his room.  Harrison named them all “fishy”.  The guy at the store told Abe they live 3-5 years, which seems Nuts to me.  These things are tiny.  It’s been a pretty big hit though, Harrison enjoys turning their light on in the morning and off at night and feeding them.

IMG_2113Bennett is not sick at the moment thankfully, although I suspect he gave it to Harrison.  He had a low grade fever last week with the same rash, but it passed in a day for him.

Last night, Bennett slept flat on his back in his mini cosleeper for the first time EVER!!  I planned on starting him in there at the beginning of the night and probably eventually having to move him back into his beloved rocker.  I put him down at 9:30 asleep and he stayed asleep until 12:30 and went back down and was back up at 5:30 and then went back down till 7:15am. I kept anticipating him waking up so I didn’t sleep very well at all.  I was just laying there listening to every noise that he made and then thinking about every little body ache that I had (it was a lot).  This is great timing because he’s almost too big for the mini cosleeper now, so after a few days or so of this laying flat training, I will put him in his crib and Out Of My Room!  That unfortunately will probably coincide with Harrison’s potty training, so we’ll see how that all goes converging at the same time.  I can just imagine two kids yelling in the night… Harrison because he wet his bed, and Bennett because he’s angry that he’s in his crib, and of course me screaming on the inside.

Speaking of Bennett being too big for a mini cosleeper, he’s also moving into size 3 diapers… that’s soooooo crazy to me.  He is within the size 2 parameters, but he had a few blow outs this week and when I tried a size 3 on him, it seemed more comfortable / roomy for a giant poop from a giant baby.  Honestly, I don’t know where this guy came from.

So many transitions over here!

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One week and Harrison still hasn’t tried to escape his big boy bed at night and run around his room yet.  Nobody is more surprised than I am.  Also, he tells everyone (strangers and non-strangers alike) that he sleeps in a big boy bed. Next week is for sure potty training time…

Harrison’s skin test for milk was very positive and his reaction was far too large to do a challenge for baked milk which would have been the next step. So this year, nothing really changes, still allergic to everything he was before – milk, soy, wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, barley, eggs, peas and sesame.  I think Abe had serious hopes about being able to add a few normal foods into Harrison’s life.  The poor kid was extremely well behaved for the test.  He didn’t cry or scream.  I requested they do it on his back instead of on his arm, so I think that made a huge difference.  He just sat on my lap and watched Curious George as we waited.  When we were leaving he turned to the doctor and said, “I sleep in a big boy bed.”


Skin Test Results – Milk and Casein

Bennett is taking naps in his crib as often as I can get him in there.  He’s taken 2 in a crib today.  The first one was unswaddled and lasted 25 minutes.  The second one was swaddled and lasted 25 minutes.  Is a baby sleep cycle exactly 25 minutes?  I was really hoping that the swaddle was like the magic bullet or whatever.  I’m still seeking the answer I guess.  I just really want him in his crib and out of my room.

We were supposed to leave both kids at home today (first time since Bennett’s birth) and  go to the Sox game with friends.  Harrison had a fever yesterday and was acting a bit off, and this morning it’s been a low grade fever as well soooooo we didn’t get to go.  It was probably good we didn’t go because it was one of those fevers that went up and down all day. I kind of didn’t have my hopes set too high that this would actually happen.  Some things just seem too good to be true – but I did find that Fenway has a designated area for moms to pump breast milk!  I would have tried it for sure, or exploded.

Totally unrelated to anything: I saw a segment on washing bed linens recently and then last night read a really disturbing article about how gross sheets get.  I used to do this every other week before we had kids.  Now I’m too embarrassed to guess at how often I change and wash them.  Probably monthly.  After reading that disgusting article, I ordered dust mite pillow covers and I immediately washed everyone’s bedding in this joint.  Then I dusted the bedroom and vaccuumed the family room.  That’s the most cleaning you’ll get out of me in one day with a baby at home.  I oddly still feel too dust-mitey, and I’m not one to care about stuff like that… I just can’t get it out of my head…. they multiply… omg.

Yesterday, I bit the bullet and bought some new loose fitting clothes so I’ll actually have something to wear once I go back into the world that will transition to wearable later.  I got a dress, a blouse, and a blazer at H&M.  Then I went to Loft (40% off everything sale right now) and got a sleeveless blouse, a long sleeve blouse, and a lacy top thing with tank for underneath.  Notice that none of what I bought were bottoms.  I still need pants right?  Or are pants just totally over rated?  Maybe I can wear maternity pants forever, people do that right?  Next week – need to buy bottoms or I will have to get way too creative later on because I’m sure my body won’t drastically change in a few weeks.

Surprisingly, Harrison still remains a huge fan of baby Bennett.  Bennett on the other hand couldn’t care less about Harrison at the moment.  He is pretty unimpressed with most things… he can however fully support his neck and head already!


They’re multiplying

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Wednesday Whining – Wishing it Was Wining

4 nights of Harrison sleeping in his new big boy bed and 3 of those nights were amazing – as in, he has not tried set foot outside his mattress area.  He seems to genuinely enjoy his big bed, and tells anyone and everyone about it.  Even the term “big boy” seems to resonate with him in an unexpected way.  Last night however was really bad.  Abe told me that he got up 5 times, meaning he woke up and cried bloody murder 5 times and Abe had to go in there.  I don’t think he actually escaped or anything.  This morning I asked him why he couldn’t sleep and he said, “Daddy sleep in big bed.  Daddy’s screw driver sleep in garage. Sharp.”  So of course that really explains why he was a total turd all night.

Harrison even climbs in and out of the car by himself now.  He can get in and out of his car seat by himself too.   It takes an eternity, but he INSISTS that Harrison “do it himself”.  Other things he insists upon: taking his diaper off, taking his shirt off, and brushing his teeth.   I think he’s actually going to make it in life…

I went to a work-related thing today, and at 11 weeks postpartum you’d think that something in my closet might fit me.  You would be wrong.  I literally only found 2 shirts that fit over my chest and stomach, and 0 pants but luckily still had maternity pants to wear.  Suits?  No, suits certainly did not fit me or blazers and dresses did not even come close to zipping.  Good God, I’m going to have to go shopping for some looser fitting tops and dresses.  I might as well burn the rest of my closet.  This is just not going to work at all.  It’s making me feel really bad that my stomach is way big still and is also surprising to me how small I used to be.  The other day, I actually felt really good about myself and then I caught my reflection in something and I was like: OH MY GOD!! THAT’S WHAT I LOOK LIKE??!!  FUCK.  So that obviously was not a good reaction.  I know it takes time to lose baby weight, I totally get it, I just don’t like it at all.

My pregnancy hair has started to shed this week.  The sad part is that I never felt that my hair was thicker or nicer or fuller or anything this time while pregnant, but now it’s all coming out – Everywhere.  I can just run my hand through my hair and like 10 hairs come out of my head.  The little catch thingie in the shower is full of hair, and when I do actually brush my hair, it looks like a small furry animal.  I grew my bangs out a while back, but now I have a bunch of small hairs that tickle my forehead annoyingly so bangs may make a return while I grow it all out together…. or I’ll start using styling products.

Bennett’s new project: trying to control his eczema and going to bed earlier.  I know from experience with Harrison that pediatricians are good with skin stuff but dermatologists are way way way way better.  Harrison struggled with skin issues for a full year and a half under the care of his pediatrician and it was always OK but in 1 visit to a dermatologist and multiple issues were 100% under control.  The face that the guy made when I told him what Harrison was using for his issues was classic, like “your pediatrician is a fucking retard” – basically.  Bennett has an appointment with that same man next week.  He has eczema that comes and goes.  It’s pretty minor in his arm and leg creases, more moderate in his neck, and very bad on his face.  On his face it’s raised and swollen, bumpy, warm to the touch, and it leaks clear fluid.  Nothing over the counter has worked between various lotions and ointments, only Harrison’s prescriptions have made an impact.

Today Harrison has a skin test at the allergist for milk.  The goal is to have a reaction minor enough that we can do a challenge test for baked milk.  Another day, another doctor visit for this household.  If you hear screaming at 3pm, Harrison is the reason.

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Big Boy Bed!


Well we did it.  Harrison’s crib has been taken apart and a twin sized mattress is now on his floor with a little bar thingie.  He has big boy bedding with trucks, and all his friends from the crib. Abe tried to get him to take a nap like that and it was total refusal, so  he went without a nap today.  Apparently he just thought his bed was a toy.

This evening, I put him to bed and went through our usual routine.  I asked him if he wanted a sleep sack and he said No so that is gone now too.  I asked him if he wanted his little pillow or a big pillow and he wanted the big pillow, so also gone is the toddler sized pillow.  So many changes in one night!


After we read a couple books together, I explained to him that big boys stay in their beds all night.  I told him that in the morning when he wakes up, daddy will come and get him in his bed.  He was kind of like: “no… no… no…” but only because I don’t think he really understood what I was asking of him.  I put one of those door knob kid safety things on his door so he can’t open it from the inside so we wouldn’t have him running all over the place if he did get out of bed.  I tucked him in, and left the room and for about 5 minutes there was nothing then suddenly there were tears with loud crying.  He never got out of his bed but cried for about 10 minutes before passing out – and this is really not out of the ordinary anyhow, he does this a couple times a week.  I don’t think he realizes that he can get out of his bed yet.

A lot of things can still go wrong tonight, but at this point in time I’m thrilled with how he has done so far.  My anxiety levels over this transition were really high!  I really didn’t think he could handle it like a normal kid, I thought he’d be jumping on his bed all night long.

— He likes to take my phone now and take pictures.  This is me getting a book out of his bookshelf to read (Tough Trucks in case you are interested).


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Bottles and Beds

Bennett had his two month appointment this week which confirmed what we all know: He’s part giant.  He’s now 15 lbs. and 6.8 oz. (94th percentile) and 24 inches long (80th percentile).

I won the bottle war with Bennett!  I’m all business this time around.  He ended up taking the old school Playtex bottles, so now I have a bunch of Dr. Brown’s that no longer have a future here.  That’s kind of sad.

IMG_1565Pictured left to right: Playtex, Chicco, Tommee Tipee, and Dr. Brown’s. We tried all of them – he took Playtex and Chicco. I started him 1 bottle a day for like 4 days, and then moved into 3 bottles a day (basically breakfast-dinner time) right after that.  It’s a pain to have to pump 3 x a day when I’m home with him because he’ll basically sit there and fuss or be angry if I can’t do it when he’s asleep.  I don’t know what other moms do about that, but I haven’t really found a good solution yet.

At 2+ months he’s awake more and aware more, so gone are the days of being able to do whatever as he naps in front of me.  Now I need to place him in a quiet or dark area in the house when he’s sleeping or he’ll wake up.   I can’t microwave lunch or do 30 Minute Shred with him in the same room – this is pretty inconvenient.

As far as Harrison’s move to the big boy bed… well we ordered a twin mattress and found bedding with an excavator on it.  That’s super specific as far as bedding goes but we did it, thank you Target.  I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something that he’s just going to pee on nonstop for a while.  I can’t even imagine what would happen if we didn’t find this:

IMG_1695 (1)Initially we were going to move him to a toddler bed first, but I was then told to skip the toddler bed and go right to a big bed so that you skip another transition later.  It feels like such a massive step… I don’t think he’s ready.  We’re doing something in the middle – twin mattress on the floor with a little bar until we get a real twin bed frame.  This is a hurried transition all around since I’m trying to do a bunch of things before maternity leave is over… like too many things probably. I rarely do anything the easy way.

Just Stop The Cuteness – This is Harrison with his besties at school.  Look how tiny he is compared to them.  He was born the same week as the other two girls were.

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 10.21.22 PMMom Updates:

1. I worked out this week without any back pain (stroller run/walking) – woo!  The bad news is that I don’t have an excuse to do nothing anymore – boo. More bad news is that I finished Serial, so I don’t have anything to listen to anymore when running slower than most people walk.

2. I re-decorated our bedroom – new curtains and new duvet.  I wanted to try and make it a little less like a scary cave and a little bit more like a welcoming place to be for adults (Not Kids… although Harrison appears to love it).

3. I’ve watched So Many series marathon style during my maternity leave so far: Orphan Black, Penny Dreadful,  Togetherness, Vikings, Masters of Sex, The Affair, Nurse Jackie, Ray Donovan, and I just started Its All Relative (Leah Remini).  Bennett likes to fall asleep on top of me and then hold me hostage for hours sometimes and I can’t pee or get a snack.  Anyhow – my favorites were Orphan Black and Nurse Jackie, and really that’s all I wanted to say about that… I’m screening shows for you guys.

4. A super cool looking new swimming lesson facility is coming to our town, like it’s being built right now to open in the fall.  I can’t wait for swimming lessons where I can watch from a dry chair!  There is a rumor that there is an espresso bar for parents.  Harrison will be taking lessons 7 days a week.

This weekend will be dedicated to Harrison’s bed transition.  Next week and weekend is really busy for me.  If 50% of the next 10 days go well, then we are winning.

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Anything But Foolproof 20-Step Potty Training and Toddler Bed Training Plan

Toddlers… the constant transitions are so painful!  At 2.6 we are ready to potty train and to move to a big boy bed.  When I say that we’re ready, I mean that we need to do this before I go back to work (Labor Day).

I have a 20 step plan to make this happen.  That sounds so feasible doesn’t it?

1. Move the glider from Harrison’s room to Bennett’s room.  Get a chair to put into Harrison’s room for story time.  – Check


2. Take down the mesh crib bumper. – Check

3. Buy toddler bedding and start talking up a big boy bed. – Check

4. Take a side down on the crib, and attach the bar so his bed becomes a toddler bed. – Not Checked, but I found where the super heavy bar is being stored (in the 400 degree attic).

5. Put a gate at his door so he can’t run away in the night. – Not Checked

6. Get a nice big soft rug to catch him on the ground for when he falls out of bed. – Not Checked

7. Get him into his big boy bed.  Just do it.  No more sleep sack, no more crib wall. Throw him in there, shut the door, shut the gate, and be prepared for a LONG night. – Not Checked

8. FREAK OUT – Check

9. Once there is a solid week or two of sleeping in the big boy bed, then Harrison will stay home from school for a couple days and we will say good bye to his diapers and hello to big boy underwear. – Not Checked

10. Buy underwear – Check

11. Buy potty to put into Harrison’s room at night – Check

12. Buy piddle pad for Harrison’s car seats for inevitable car accidents and get travel potty for the car – Check

13. Try going out and doing a quick errand with underpants on. – Not Checked

14. Try going out for a bigger errand with underpants on. – Not Checked

15. Try going to the playground with underpants on and using the car potty. – Not Checked

16. Buy multiple flat sheets and pee pads for accidents to layer for when accidents happen at 3am. – Check

17. Try sleeping in big boy bed with a potty in the room. – Not Checked

18. FREAK OUT because you know that this is not going well – Check

19. Somehow get him to sleep in his bed and use his potty when he needs to at night, get back into bed and go back to sleep on his own – Totally Not Checked.  This seems light years away!

20. When complete, give self a huge pat on the back and a huge piece of pie because it’s probably Thanksgiving. – Not Checked

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The little one turns 2 months

bennett 2 months_1 bennett 2 months_2Baby Bennett turned 2 months!

He’s huge and already in 3-6 month / 6 month clothing and size 2 diapers.  He loves to eat and be help upright to see what is going on in the world.  He also really likes to burp and fart, he’s still gassy but less bothered by it.  He’s also very talkative, and coos and says “hi” and “hello” over and over.  Right now he has a really bad rash on his face, so I’m glad I got some photos before it took over.

I took Bennett to the doctor today where they told me that his bright red rash is a yeast rash (face and neck).  When they went to take his rectal temperature, he exploded poop on the table/nurse/floor, then peed on the nurse, then I picked him up and he peed on me, then he peed on the floor and wall.  We were easily the most excitement of their day.  He was super chill afterwards, like: whatever whatever, I do what I want.

It’s still tough to juggle Harrison in his terrible twos and Bennett in his infant stage, but I think it will be easier once H is potty trained and B will take a bottle!  So just a couple milestones to get through… big ones though.  Just getting through dinner with just the three of us feels like a major victory each weekday night.

H is going in to get a skin test done for milk soon based on his blood work.  It’s possible that he can have baked milk in the near future (squeeeee!).  All of his allergy levels went down this year which is great news, and is what we want to see.  Since he accidentally consumed 1 goldfish recently we were sort of thinking that milk would be OK but really who knows.  He also accidentally consumed butter just a couple weeks ago with no issue, so good news all around with his allergies.

Our kitchen cabinets were just refaced, so our mini kitchen renovation is basically done: new counters, new sink and appliances, and refaced and painted cabinets.  It was painful, but we are happy with it and also happy it’s done and over with.

Life is so crazy right now.  It’s really hard to keep track of like anything.  Most of the time, I don’t even know what day it is.

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Day In The Life – The Exhaustion Edition

A long day in the life.

5:45am – Bennett wakes up wanting to eat.  One boob is severely engorged for some reason, so I feed him on that side and put him back down to sleep.  Then I pump in the bedroom in the dark while I read email and sit on a bouncy ball – totally normal right?  I get dressed and brush my teeth, make Harrison’s lunch bag for school, throw in a load of laundry, clean pump parts, make coffee, move the car outside, deposit checks, buy gifts and organizing things for home online, organize a cabinet, clean a tub, flip through jcrew, put things into Bennett’s baby memory box, write emails, clean up Harrison’s toys, and think to myself maybe 50 times – when will someone start crying?

7:50am – I check on Bennett and he is awake.  One arm escaped the swaddle.  I bring him downstairs and change his clothes and his diaper at the changing table in the family room, he is all smiles this morning.

IMG_1353 IMG_1355He will be all smiles until I give him his Zantac (he screamed but kept it all down).  I can’t believe Harrison is still sleeping, he was up at 7am yesterday.  I put Harrison’s hash browns into the convection oven to cook.

8:05am – I feed Bennett again, and frantically watch the monitor wondering if Harrison will wake up.  Also, I try to listen for the guys working on our kitchen cabinets hoping they don’t arrive while I’m sitting on the couch with Bennett attached to my boob.

8:15am – I finish feeding Bennett, change his diaper, and sigh with relief when Harrison doesn’t wake up just yet and nobody catches me in the act.

8:20am – I hear the guys in the garage and thankfully I’m fully clothed.  I wake Harrison up and get him ready for school, it’s pajama day so he’s wearing some funny PJ hand me downs.  We head out to daycare drop off where I put Bennett into his Ergo and hold Harrison’s hand going in.

IMG_13598:45am – We are back in the car and I decide last minute to go to Target to get us out of the house away from the guys making noise in the kitchen and to pick up a few things on my list.  I eat a bar in the car for breakfast.  I swear I went to Target for like 3 things…

10:00am – Conveniently fed Bennett at the mall in a “nursery room”.  Right after he developed a rash on his face and arm.  I noticed this yesterday too… I suspect a food sensitivity – dairy or chocolate.  Next pedi visit is in 1.5 weeks so we’ll talk about it then.

11:30am – We’re back at home and the guys are still working in the kitchen.  I clean another tub while Bennett sleeps and I attach a mirror to the back seat of the car so I can see him in his car seat.

11:45am – Bennett is up and crabby.  I try and feed to him see if that’s what he wants.  I spray milk all over his face…again, and he does not appreciate it.  He eats, pukes, and develops the same rash as before.  Mental Note: don’t let even small amounts of dairy into my diet and now eliminate chocolate (OMFG, now what do I do?).  I put him into the Mamaroo and hope he will be cool with it for a little bit.

12:25pm – The guys are still working in the kitchen and I’m really hungry.  Important Thoughts Strike: I think I might need to get bangs again, I have a ton of broken little hairs that fall into my face and they drive me nuts.  It’s also only a matter of time before I lose all my pregnancy hair and get tiny baby hairs growing all over my head again.  I think I’m going to put a mini fridge in the bedroom for pumped milk – is that taking it too far?

12:45pm – Bennett wants to eat again.  He eats every hour from now until 11pm but hardly sleeps at all.  Why is that?

1:30pm – The guys are done working and I finally get to eat lunch.  I microwave an EVOL bowl while Bennett screams at me. Then I heat up some leftover soup but resist the urge to have a soda.  I feel like I’m always hungry.  I watch the end of The Chew.

2pm – Bennett takes a 15 minute cat nap in his crib for the first time ever.  I empty the dishwasher and bring the clean laundry upstairs.  He doesn’t sleep again for the rest of the afternoon, instead he’s just crab-tastic and won’t let me put him down.

5:15pm – We go pick Harrison up at school. Bennett pukes in the Ergo.

6:45pm – Harrison has eaten dinner and gets a bath.  Bennett sits in a little chair thing and looks at the attached mobile in the bathroom with us.  Harrison doesn’t want to get out of the tub, it’s his new thing.

8:30pm – Abe gets home late, everyone is tired.  Harrison and I danced to Despicable Me 2 like 15 times (to the Happy song). Bennett has a massive green poop, and is still in a sour mood.

8:40pm – I put Harrison to bed while Abe holds Bennett.  He usually goes to be earlier than this.  We read a book about Caillou not using diapers anymore and Good Night Good Night Construction Site.  He cries when I leave the room.

9:45pm – We all go upstairs and get ready for sleep.  Bennett is wearing Old Navy 3-6 month pajamas to bed and they fit perfectly.

10:30pm – Bennett won’t go to sleep on his own, he won’t nurse down either.  I bounced on a ball to get him to sleep and then put him down.  He should be exhausted, I don’t get it.

Most days aren’t this hard and crazy.

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Scattered Updates

Attending a wedding with an infant and a toddler was pretty awful.  It was really hot and humid, Harrison was running around like a maniac, Bennett was always hungry and I had to feed him and change him in a car, I ate 1 appetizer and a taco, didn’t have anything fun like wine or cake, and we left after dinner totally exhausted.  We even paid for a hotel that night and drove home the 1 hour instead because there is nothing more terrible than taking Harrison out of his element.  He’s just not agreeable to change.  We never want to leave the house again.  Ever.  But how stinking cute is a toddler bow tie and a baby vest??

IMG_1195 IMG_1205 IMG_1244Bennett has been on Zantac for 5 days.  I think I do see a positive difference in him when I can get him to swallow it.  He hates it though, and sometimes he coughs and it ends up on my face.  Harrison watched it happen this morning and got me a tissue – good kid.  I’m not sure that the dose is right… and now he has really really stinky poops.  It smells like rotten eggs every time so I’m hoping it’s the Zantac and not like something in my diet.  His sleeping has been better, but he’s had some general baby rage moments – I blame gas.

We have two momentous milestones in the near future for Harrison: 1. potty training and 2. moving into a toddler bed.  I read 1 potty training book so far, I want to read another one, I also want advice.  It’s overwhelming and I’m scared!  I’m looking forward to not having to change a tiny person’s diaper anymore and not having 50 pounds of diapers in the trash each week.  I’m not looking forward to needing to make emergency pit stops in stores and during even the briefest of road trips.  2 weeks and potty training begins…. or like once my parents get back from their vacation, then I can get my mom to help with the baby while I work with Mr. H.

My back is still bothering me.  I’ve been to the chiropractor twice and I honestly don’t have the time to do anything else.  I went for a run/walk today to test it out and had to stop running after just a few minutes, walking wasn’t so bad so I’ll try and walk for the rest of the week and see how that goes.  I am just like not sure how to fix it and I don’t have time for PT so obviously the answer for me is just to deal with it and not really fix it the right way like a responsible human being.  This is one of those things that I know is going to plague me for a long time and I’ll constantly be like: omg, my fucking back, and omg I want to run but my damn back!

I’m going to start pumping bottles for Bennett soon.  He took a bottle initially (with formula even) but then suddenly refused them so I stopped trying for about 3 weeks because there was too much other stuff going on and I didn’t need to supplement anymore.  Now I need to start again in order to prepare for daycare and so I can leave the house without him for more than an hour at a time.  I’m going crazy.  Harrison cried and cried and went like hours before he would take a bottle for me.  It was one of those super stressful moments where I think that I’m doing something wrong as a mother.  I’m thinking that I’ll stick with Dr. Brown’s bottles again, but am open to try something else – suggestions are welcome.  I have a huge bin of a variety of bottles that didn’t work for H that I’d be willing to resurrect again.  Hopefully Bennett won’t be as stubborn, he seems to be somewhat more agreeable than H was.

Harrison’s speech is pretty hilarious these days.  He never stops talking.

H: “Harrison hit Eleanor”
Me: “We don’t hit our friends Harrison.  Ms. Tammy said you didn’t hit Eleanor at school.”
H: “Harrison didn’t hit Eleanor…. Yet.”

Also, I gave Harrison a really old digital camera so he could take photos around the house since it was just sitting there not being used.  There is now a photo on there of me going to the bathroom.  Argh.

Bennett’s newborn photos are scheduled for next week.  He will be 9 weeks old and probably 16 pounds.  I wouldn’t really call them newborn photos at this point.  He’s already cooing and smiling and some days I feel like he is just going to get up and walk away or like order a pizza or something.  Time is flying with this one and I still can’t get over how big he is.  I’ll be packing away his 3 month clothes very soon, like this weekend.

I packed away all my maternity tops and dresses.  The pants will get packed away in a little while since I’ll probably need maternity work pants.  Unfortunately, I’m holding steady at 15 pounds over where I want to be.  This has not stopped me from eating chocolate and candy at a frightening rate.  Weight loss is about self control and obviously that’s not something that I have right now. What I have right now is a strong headed toddler on the verge of potty training, a 2 ton baby who is basically hanging off my boob all day long, a house that looks like a hoarding show, kitchen cabinets that are being painted right now in the garage (woo wee), insane amounts of laundry, and sheets that haven’t been washed in like 8 weeks.  Pass me another Twix…

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Huge Baby Problems

Bennett went to the pediatrician yesterday and at 7 weeks he now weighs 14 pounds and 3 ounces.  That is the 95th percentile.  I seriously cannot get over how huge he is.  To put this into perspective, we went to a birthday party for a little girl turning 1 on Sunday and she weighs 16 pounds… they looked the same size.

IMG_1114Very much related to Bennett being huge, I had to go to the chiropractor the other day.  I messed up my back.  Most of the day it’s OK but if I exercise, or lean/bend over in a certain way I have excruciating sharp pain which can last an hour or two so I can barely walk, like I can hardly put any weight on my left foot.  I spend most of the night with the pain since I’m constantly leaning and bending over putting Bennett back into his bed.  I went to the chiropractor instead of the doctor because I thought it was a joint issue and I wanted to start treating it right away – turns out it’s more muscle than joint probably.  No stroller runs for a while until I can work this thing out (apparently stretching hamstrings helps back pain??).  I’m frustrated with this because I was really into our stroller runs and my weight loss is at a total standstill now and those feel good mood boosters that I get after working out are now gone too and I really needed those.  I’m sad again, when I’m sad I cry and I shop.  I bought 4 pairs (2 heels and 2 sneakers) of shoes and two necklaces (the cheapies of real ones I want).  I’m also thinking about redecorating our bedroom and painting the kids bathroom because those are sane ideas right now.

We’re going to my brother’s wedding in Maine later today.  Not like 7 hours away Maine, like 1.5 hours away Maine.  Either way, with 2 kids in tow we could be going to the park and it would still be a massive ordeal.  I have an entire table covered in stuff we need to jam into the car – the stroller will take up most of the trunk.  Moments like these, I totally understand why people have minivans (side note: Mark Walhberg totally drives a minivan and loves it, who would have thought?).

7 weeks postpartum and I just didn’t have time/patience to try on many dresses, and I’m probably going to wear something I have in the closet that is absolutely nothing special and way more day dress than cocktail/evening attire.  I really should have put more effort into this, but 1. the shape of my body is fucking weird and 2. mehhh.  I painted my nails, so that should count for something.  Harrison has a super cute polka dot bow tie from Etsy and freaking Cole Haan shoes I got him at Marshalls for $8 and Bennett has an outfit with a vest (also from Marshalls).  Mom and dad are just winging it, I mean really they’re lucky if we shower.

I did my first daycare drop off for Harrison yesterday with Bennett.  Up until this point my parents have helped with drop offs and pickups so Bennett never had to go.  It went really well, all things considered.  I put Bennett into the Ergo and held Harrison’s hand and his big bag of stuff.  Drop off was easy, pickup was a little harder because I had to get Harrison into his seat while wearing Bennett.  After this experience, I watched a video on how to put your infant into the Ergo and it turns out that I’m not really doing it right.  It’s not like wrong, but I guess it could be done better.  You’d think that I would have watched this video at some point prior to now…  He’s just so big that he doesn’t fit into the insert well, but he can’t really go in without it because he needs the neck support.  I have a Boba too, but he’s too big for the newborn hold but I can’t get him into the hold where his legs hang out evenly.  One leg is always high and the other one is much lower and he hates it and tries to run away.  I need someone to come to my house and show me how to wear Bennett properly.  I might try a Baby Bjorn for a little while, I hear they are easy and fast which is what I need for the pickup/dropoff situation.  I hate to buy another baby carrier but convenience and sanity is most important right now.

We are hoping to survive life over the next few days.  No guarantees.

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